Subtle, but it is happening:

If you are paying attention, in the morning TV news and in the print media there is an increase in stories about black people being discriminated against by large corporations……Now, I don’t know it there is an increase in lawsuits or simply an increase in coverage of these discrimination lawsuits. but the number of stories are increasing.

At the end of it though, it is a subtle way of angering our fellow black citizens….Riling them up so they’ll be more likely to vote Democrat….it worked last cycle, and this is, if not so blatant, the same sort of thing….and, oddly enough, right before the election. 

Funny, that.

2 thoughts on “Subtle, but it is happening:

  1. Preparation of the battle space is standard procedure. Corporate america = white america = systemic racism. Only democrats feel your pain. Waiting for the next Floydation real or manufactured.

  2. The left fines angry ground apes to be useful. Therefore their media whores are working hard to make more ground apes angrier.

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