So lemme see if I got this straight:

The jury is deliberating on whether Trump committed fraud by overpaying taxes on the $130 thousand dollars that he repaid Mr Cohen…..But that somehow the payment originally made to Stephanie Clifford (S. Daniels) was somehow an illegal campaign contribution expect that it was a fraudulently obtained loan that was repaid (and double taxed, which means tax fraud?)  and that meant that he did something wrong?


It was amusing watching the CBS reporters and “experts” try to explain the logic.

Even more amusing were the faces on the news anchors when the “expert” explaining that this was all on the Manhattan prosecutors and there was no DNC/Biden involvement. ….They could barely keep their faces straight. I suppose a particularly credulous 2 year  old might buy that story…..if they just woke up….and they were hungry.

8 thoughts on “So lemme see if I got this straight:

  1. America “bought” the election outcome in 2020. Therefore they believe America is dumb enough to buy into this sham or a trial. And so far the left is correct. America IS dumb enough to swallow the BS they are being forced fed.

  2. It’s even worse than that.

    The jury needs to find an underlying crime in order the get the alleged falsification of the business records to be shifted from a time-barred misdemeanor into a felony charge.

    The judge has literally instructed the jury they do not need to be unanimous as to what that underlying crime is. He gave 3 possibilities in the instrucitons, all of which are rather suspect (indeed the alleged underlying interfering in a federal election one was not prosecuted by the feds because there was no basis for it and indeed Trump has never been charged, much less convicted of any of these underlying “crimes”.

    He’s stated that he is letting the jury split where 4 jurors could find for possibility 1, 4 jurors could find for possibility 2, and 4 jurors could find for possibility 3 being the underlying crime and he would consider that unanimous.

    This is rather Calvinball jurisprudence, and I don’t know of any case before where this kind of nonsense has been permissible.

  3. The Donks have half the country so indoctrinated to “HATE TRUMP!!!,” that they’ll throw their own freedom under the bus to get him. …I personally have a family member who’s just that gone…

    • dont think 1/2 is accurate.

      The MSM only shows Trump Hate, so we get the impression that it’s half.

      Prolly like 18-20% .

  4. guilty. never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups. i hope the idiots are still happy with themselves in a few months.

  5. And apparently NO jury verdict forms, so we’ll never know ‘what’ the crime they convicted him of…

  6. “Forget it Jake, it’s NY-F*ng- City.”

    If anyone wants to see the real time version of the Trump trial, look up “Idiocracy- trial” on your favorite t00b.

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