When the prosecutor

Is smarter than the cops.

All charges dismissed in Scotty Sheffler’s case. 

The prosecutor’s office decided to let it go, because “there wasn’t enough evidence”….and they KNOW that if push comes to shove, that there is enough evidence that Det Bryan Gillis was lying and that this was a bullshit arrest….Basically they are glad that Mr Sheffler isn’t suing the department for false arrest and other charges.

This was a case of “Respek’ Ma Autortieh!” gone wrong, and an arrest tp punish for not being compliant enough…., and a case of a cop lying in a police report. One of those things that cops often do, supported by their fellow officers even though it is wrong and they know it.


Not all cops are bad, but too many abuse their position and the other cops let them get away with it because “Thin Blue Line”…..Which makes all cops look bad.

The only reason this one got caught was because he was stupid enough to abuse his position and arrest a celebrity. when there were cameras and witnesses. If that had been you or me then his lies likely would have stood. I strongly doubt this was the first time for Detective Gillis and I KNOW it isn’t the first time for this department.

You know and I know the department attorneys are breathing huge sighs of relief that Scotty Sheffler has decided to just let things drop.



2 thoughts on “When the prosecutor

  1. The “dept” doesnt care that he isnt going to sue. It’s not their money.

  2. People would respect Mr Sheffler more if he did sue. Think of all the little people the dept has and will oppress and whoo cannot fight back.

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