I would bet that the folks in Gaza, those “Palestinians” …

I bet they could stop the “atrocities”  they claim the Israelis are perpetrating and fix their situation nearly immediately:


All they have to do is deliver the bodies, breathing or not, of each and very single Hamas fighter and leader to the Israelis. Every Single One. Then the entire campaign would have no purpose, no reason.

There are millions of people in Gaza…thousands of Haas, at best. They have to come out of hiding at some point.

Sheltering the Hamas folks is a losing proposition, but they stubbornly help them hide.

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  1. i disagree. hamas is just the face of the palestinian people, who are really syrian btw. i saw the footage of them, every one of them, men women and children after the oct7 attack not just celebrating the attack but physically abusing hostages and desecrating the bodies with glee. fighting to get to the front of the pack like savages to strike a blow on a naked dead israeli girl. i heard the phone call a hamas savage made to his parents bragging about killing an israeli family, ” the baby too.” his family rejoiced and said alah would be pleased. no, hamas is the great majority of them. there is a reason no arab country will take them, even though the koran demands it. f them.

  2. Yep, had the world levied as much pressure on Hamas on October 8 after their attack that they’re currently placing on Israel this whole thing could have been avoided.

    Hamas could any this at any time by releasing the hostages and ceasing firing rockets and carrying out attacks against Israel or indeed surrendering outright. That they refuse to do so, and get no pressure for failing to do so speaks volumes.

    riverrider is absolutely correct that Hamas enjoys the support of the vast majority of Gazans with even now over 72% still saying the October 7 attack and atrocities were correct. The Gazans approve of and support Hamas.

  3. Sheltering Hamas renders the “innocent citizens” ENEMY COMBATANTS!

  4. I’m waiting for the ‘leaders’ in Europe and Qatar to start dying ‘suddenly’…

  5. 1) Hamas has the guns. QED
    2) Hamas represents the will of most of the people in Gaza, who would shelter them even if they didn’t have the guns.
    3) Which makes anything Israel did or is doing wholly justified.
    4) The “Palestinians” in Gaza are predominantly Egyptian Arabs. Just as the “Palestinians” in the West Bank are predominantly Jordanian Arabs.
    Ain’t nobody in the region who traces an unbroken link to the same plot of land back to thousands of years ago. The Jews were dispossessed twice, lastly in 70 AD. Bedouins are the perennial gypsies of the Middle East, and always have been. Here today, somewhere else tomorrow. Sic transit mundi.
    What pisses the Arabs off most, is that Israel turned deserts fit only for goat grazing lands under Arab control into fertile and productive lands in Jewish control, something they themselves could never master.
    5) Egypt unconditionally refuses to take their cousins back, going back to 1948, because they were always the exact troublemakers all along in Egypt that Israel has found them to be.
    Exactly no one in the Arab world would mourn their exit from the gene pool.
    They have dug their own grave, now let them lie in it.

  6. Pretty sure some Palistinians feel the Jewish people should be sympathetic towards them for harboring Hamas because some nationalities hid Jews from German occupiers back in the 1940’s. Forgetting that Jews weren’t commiting terrorism against anyone at that time..

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