Funny, no one even comments on THIS mass shooting event

‘Cause it is a typical Saturday night in the more urban neighborhoods.

At least 15 shot, 2 critically injured at Lawndale Halloween party; suspect in custody, police say

Y’know, my Dad’s Dad always told me that black people were really generally nice, but GROUPS of black people were trouble….

And the older I get the more I see he was correct.

You’d think, what with the terrible shooting in Maine, that the Media would be all over this…but because it involves Black people in a black neighborhood instead of a white man, they all but ignore it….

Pretty much the same thing in Tampa.

If you bother to look, you’ll find it happened in Philadelphia, Detroit, and nearly any  larger Blue City. The sum total is greater than the Maine shooting.

But no one bothers to make a big deal about it because it is expected behavior from that demographic….


If you gotta do it in secret….

Then perhaps there is something wrong with your actions…..and you know that there is.

Charlottsville Robert E Lee statue given to Black History Museum….then broken up and melted down in secret

Were they ashamed of what they were doing? Or did they know that the public would object and try to stop them? Either way, the secrecy shows they knew that they were wrong….


Shame that the Black people cannot build things up on their own, only tear down what whites have built, innit?

One foot on the dock and one on the boat

Never works out well.


Mike Pence drops out of the race.

He simply couldn’t take a stand and couldn’t take a side and therefore appealed to no-one.

He wouldn’t stand up for Trump but wouldn’t condemn the election “reindeer games” either but wanted to stand for Law and Order when he knew that there were shenanigans taking place that were illegal election interference….

You can’t stand for something if you refuse to stand up at all.


Question for the legal folks

Is the “gag Order” imposed on Donald Trump legal?

If so, how is it legal? Under what statutes?

He’s not defaming anyone, he’s speaking an opinion.

How is squelching free speech outside of the courtroom legal, even for a judge in a trial?


Just wondering.



‘Tis funny

All the Liberals, that were fervent supporters of BLM, are now backing away after they came out in support of Hamas.


I mean, even the most liberal misfits of bloggers has (once again) changed her standards because of this. Gone from a fervent supporter of BLM because black people are so poorly treated and downtrodden  and shot by cops at such a high rate and all that folderol to  “Oh, Hell no” after their support of the atrocities by Hamas. Funny how that works with Liberals, innit?

One would hope that the jewish folk would take a good, long look at who supports Hamas and who doesn’t, and remember that in the future.