‘Tis funny

All the Liberals, that were fervent supporters of BLM, are now backing away after they came out in support of Hamas.


I mean, even the most liberal misfits of bloggers has (once again) changed her standards because of this. Gone from a fervent supporter of BLM because black people are so poorly treated and downtrodden¬† and shot by cops at such a high rate and all that folderol to¬† “Oh, Hell no” after their support of the atrocities by Hamas. Funny how that works with Liberals, innit?

One would hope that the jewish folk would take a good, long look at who supports Hamas and who doesn’t, and remember that in the future.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis funny

  1. When “this” all started I was horrified with the amount of hate seemingly ‘murican institutions showed towards Israel. I wanted it to all stop.
    Then I came to the realization…..let them “out” themselves. Let the haters come rising to the top. Let them be seen by the ordinary citizens.
    Now, we need a coordinated system to make their hate cost!

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