One would have thought they’d have just waited…

Which was, ultimately, the solution anyway.

Man trapped in vault overnight could not be rescued, had to wait for time clock to open safe in morning

Firefighters tried to break into vault through the wall, but stopped ’cause it was too tough.

Other than needing a shower and something to drink, I cannot see how he was harmed by waiting 9 hours or so….

I fail to see the emergency.

4 thoughts on “One would have thought they’d have just waited…

  1. It’s an example of the pervasive “we have to do something” mentality, and the fire department feared media criticism for “standing around doing nothing.”

    That, and the Fire Boys wanted to use their toys. Since it was a “fully approved attack” that obviously failed – they stopped when they hit another intrusion barrier – the vault owners can now use that for advertising: “Our vault is so secure it stopped the New York City Fire Department from penetrating it.”

    Every walk-in vault I’ve ever seen has communication and ventilation just for instances where someone is “trapped” inside so the only things missing were, maybe, some bottled water and a trash can that wouldn’t leak.

    Anon 2

  2. The last vault we took apart:
    two feet concrete , two rows 1/2 rebar vertical and horizontal, 6 inches on center, 2 layers 1/2 steel plates (inside and outside).

    Yeah, that would take a while to get through for the fire department…….

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