Yeah, that made everything better all around….

This is why cops are often viewed with suspicion…

So the cops show up on a warrant search. (all good so far)

While there, they somehow find a deer that was raised as a fawn after her mom was hit by a car. Deer has been staying around rather than leave…. Decide to shoot the deer “because it was domesticated” and “regular people can’t have a deer as a pet”.

So they shot the deer. How is this better for anyone? It certainly isn’t for the deer, or the people of the neighborhood…Why didn’t the cops (as WE are so often told we should do) go through the courts?

Story HERE

This is the sort of incident where the community should come together and beat a solution, if you know what I mean.


2 thoughts on “Yeah, that made everything better all around….

  1. The people in power now deliberately screen FOR and purposefully select sociopaths to be cops. This is just one more incident proving that.

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