One foot on the dock and one on the boat

Never works out well.


Mike Pence drops out of the race.

He simply couldn’t take a stand and couldn’t take a side and therefore appealed to no-one.

He wouldn’t stand up for Trump but wouldn’t condemn the election “reindeer games” either but wanted to stand for Law and Order when he knew that there were shenanigans taking place that were illegal election interference….

You can’t stand for something if you refuse to stand up at all.


6 thoughts on “One foot on the dock and one on the boat

  1. I saw Mike Pence give a speech supporting a Michigan Republican. He was a better-than-average speaker but he wasn’t competing on the national stage.

    He would be the equivalent of an Division II super-star competing against pro football players. Plenty good enough for where he came from but not quite up-to-the task for the division he aspired to.

    I commend him for recognizing it early and bailing.

    It was the right choice for him.

    • I don’t know that I’d go that far. He did make some bad choices though.

  2. Pence let us and the whole country down back in January 2021. Disappear, maggot.

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