No deal

She will take the trial.

Seems that back in 2020, when a bunch of BLM thugs blocked her car and began to beat on the windows, one lady decided to take off and in doing so, drove over about 50 of the crowd.

She won’t take a plea deal for her actions. She wants a trial.

If New York had a justice system that was based on Law, rather than politics, she’d have never been charged. But that is the way of the law, especially in Blue cities. She dared to defend herself and her daughter, and in doing so, harmed some thugs pretending to be protesters. So she had to be charged…..Especially because she was white…..and the people she hurt who were threatening her were black…..



Funny how that works

Seems that the World Health Organization felt they had to rename “MonkeyPox” to “Mpox” due to “Racism Concerns”.

One wonders just how they got to the idea that a disease, first found in (and named after) research monkeys in a Denmark lab can be racist. Who are they protecting? It does come from Africa, but so what? One might as well call it GayPox, as that is the vector for spread.

One wonders who the racists are. Is it the people who are renaming it to “protect” Africans? Why do they think that there will be a link between the name “Monkeypox” and Africans, anyway? Do they see a link between monkeys and Africans?  It certainly wasn’t my first (or second)  thought, and i will bet that it wasn’t yours either. Yet somehow the elites at the WHO made that connection….One wonders how they got there?


Ain’t eatin’ Bugs

No matter what the World Economic Forum says….


So I was making Chili the day after Thanksgiving. Grandma’s classic recipe…

Meat, Beans, Chilis, salt. (And yes, Real Chili has beans in it. Grandma raised her kids in Del Rio, TX with a Mexican husband and that’s normal chili there. Equal parts Meat and Beans and some chilies and salt to taste…..simple Mexican Border Chili. Don’t blow up my comments because someone who doesn’t know better (and whose ancestors came to Texas from Germany or some other country rather than Mexico) told you that “real Chili has no beans”. This recipe goes back 5 or more generations (that I know of) of people who were making chili before your ancestors got off the boat, and is tasty. If you think otherwise you are wrong, and that’s just the way it is. Go eat your spicy stewed meat.)

Anyway, I browned some ground pork that I had laying around, and some ground beef. Let it set in the skillet for a few and added some water to a stewpot. Added some Chili powder (can’t get good dried chilis here, so gotta use what I can get) and some chipotle, to let it rehydrate before adding the meat and ∗pinto∗ beans.

Odd, some stuff floating on the top looked like bugs. Fished some out and took a closer look. Yep, bugs. Like mealworm beetles, kinda…… Bugs in the ground Chipotle. Never seen that before. The ground pepper is maybe a year old, but I have never seen bugs in dried chilis of any kind, whole or ground. Plus chipotle is, of course SMOKED dried jalapeno, so how anything could live off of it I dunno. But there it was…..

Tossed that water out and started over with a different jar of chipotle…. 6 hours later it was a tasty meal with some tortillas. Just what I needed to warm me up after spending most of the day outside.

But I’ve never seen dried ground pepper have bugs in it. And I simply won’t (knowingly) eat bugs.

∗Pinto beans are the only correct bean to use in Chili. Red beans or Kidney beans are wrong. Any bean beside pinto beans are an Affront to God and will send you straight to eternal damnation. If you use white beans then your soul and the souls of your children and all future generations are doomed forever. 

I could go shopping today

You know, brave the crowds and the crowding, jostle elbows with rude people get my feet stepped on, pushed, and endure people without any sense of decent behavior.

Or I could stick a 16 penny nail in my eye.

Nah, I got better things to do than deal with assholes that stimulate my homicidal urges.

There is nothing out there, no deal so good, no bargains, that will induce me to deal with BlackFriday shoppers.

As you sit down

To your Thanksgiving feast with Family or friends. please take a moment to remember those sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines that are out somewhere on a post or a ship, far from home and family today.

Remember them, and be thankful for their service.


Tried a new flight school yesterday

They rent planes. (Others do too, but their planes are barely airworthy and lots of instruments either don’t work or are out of calibration).

This place has Piper Warriors. Not my favorite plane, but their planes are actually in good repair…Well equipped, not the bare minimum.

Went up with an instructor for a checkride. Did ok, especially since I have only a few hours in a Warriror. Stalls, steep turns. slow flight. First landing was not to my standards, although the instructor found it acceptable.

Did two approaches, on RNav, one ILS. Both were pretty good. absolutely nailed the ILS (second approach). Airspeed dead on, good correction, flew the glide slope like I was on rails. Plus one night landing.

As Aaron puts it, 1.6, two landings, 0.6 simulated.

At least these planes are kept in good repair. I gotta do a Biannual Flight Review and I think I will do it with them.

I sure do miss my 340A though. I miss the power, the instrumentation, the GPS equipment, etc. I miss the comfort of the cabin.

As soon as their Arrow gets back from inspection I think I’m gonna go somewhere.

So people are seeing for themselves

That Qatar and the culture is not all sweetness and light.

Even though the country wanted to host the World Cup, they would not bend.

No alcohol.

No queer LGBTQ people. Not even LGBT symbols.

And it is a strict regime.


What most people fail to realize is how small the country really is, and how were it not for oil to pay for the workers that are imported (and treated pretty poorly) the entire country would revert back to a bunch of nomadic fundamentalist islamic camel humping riding tribesmen.

The truth being shown isn’t pretty and isn’t making a good impression on the attendees nor the media.

Dance you mutherfuckin’ assholes

So the FDA says that they never told people to stop taking Ivermectin.

they “recommended” that people not take it.

It was merely “guidance”.

Lying piles of steaming dog shit.

They stood by while people were jailed, people lost their medical licenses for prescribing ivermectin….and while people DIED because other doctors and pharmacists were intimidated against prescribing or supplying it…while the Post Office intercepted packages containing ivermectin meant to help people with Covid.

Dance you assholes. I hope you are prosecuted…for murder.