Tried a new flight school yesterday

They rent planes. (Others do too, but their planes are barely airworthy and lots of instruments either don’t work or are out of calibration).

This place has Piper Warriors. Not my favorite plane, but their planes are actually in good repair…Well equipped, not the bare minimum.

Went up with an instructor for a checkride. Did ok, especially since I have only a few hours in a Warriror. Stalls, steep turns. slow flight. First landing was not to my standards, although the instructor found it acceptable.

Did two approaches, on RNav, one ILS. Both were pretty good. absolutely nailed the ILS (second approach). Airspeed dead on, good correction, flew the glide slope like I was on rails. Plus one night landing.

As Aaron puts it, 1.6, two landings, 0.6 simulated.

At least these planes are kept in good repair. I gotta do a Biannual Flight Review and I think I will do it with them.

I sure do miss my 340A though. I miss the power, the instrumentation, the GPS equipment, etc. I miss the comfort of the cabin.

As soon as their Arrow gets back from inspection I think I’m gonna go somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Tried a new flight school yesterday

  1. Smart to ‘shop around’ as it were… Better birds, in better shape is good!

  2. I advise flying as many types as you can find. Not to build types flown but that each has different handling. That may highlight any weaknesses in your skills. Cherokees Vs 100 series Cessnas, as example.

    I’ve rented aircraft that from takeoff to landing is partial panel. ATC so familiar with that bird, they automatically assign 7xxx as squawk code.

    To commit aviation, that’s the thing. Well, that plus fly the biggest part back.

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