No deal

She will take the trial.

Seems that back in 2020, when a bunch of BLM thugs blocked her car and began to beat on the windows, one lady decided to take off and in doing so, drove over about 50 of the crowd.

She won’t take a plea deal for her actions. She wants a trial.

If New York had a justice system that was based on Law, rather than politics, she’d have never been charged. But that is the way of the law, especially in Blue cities. She dared to defend herself and her daughter, and in doing so, harmed some thugs pretending to be protesters. So she had to be charged…..Especially because she was white…..and the people she hurt who were threatening her were black…..



2 thoughts on “No deal

  1. She did nothing wrong….as evidenced by the plea deal she was offered. It’s just another example of an evil agenda driven prosecutor trying to pad his conviction rate.

  2. Seems smart. Take the plea deal, you’re done. Fight it in court, if you win, done; if you lose, appeal. If you lose the appeal, appeal higher. Court provides avenues for possible success, the plea deal none.

    Plus I’m betting this case will be so #&%@ clustered there will be multiple factors offering a path to successful appeal if it goes against her.

    Anon 2

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