Funny how that works

Seems that the World Health Organization felt they had to rename “MonkeyPox” to “Mpox” due to “Racism Concerns”.

One wonders just how they got to the idea that a disease, first found in (and named after) research monkeys in a Denmark lab can be racist. Who are they protecting? It does come from Africa, but so what? One might as well call it GayPox, as that is the vector for spread.

One wonders who the racists are. Is it the people who are renaming it to “protect” Africans? Why do they think that there will be a link between the name “Monkeypox” and Africans, anyway? Do they see a link between monkeys and Africans?  It certainly wasn’t my first (or second)  thought, and i will bet that it wasn’t yours either. Yet somehow the elites at the WHO made that connection….One wonders how they got there?


One thought on “Funny how that works

  1. …Let’s just call it “Bath House Boils” and be done with it…

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