Actual snow.

9-12 inches of (if I were still young enough to care) perfect Snowman-Making snow.

So far, all is well. Resuce parties stand down.

Now I gotta fire up the tractor and go clean my and my neighbors driveways.

It has Begun:

The first “significant” snow of the season:

The Chicago TV stations are hyping the fact that we will be getting at least 5 inches!! of snow. One would think it was something like a blizzard…it is POSSIBLE we will get snow at the rate of ONE INCH PER HOUR!

If I don’t post in the next few days, send someone with food and booze …please.



‘Tis interesting:

The Biden Aministration is decrying the fact that “black and brown” people are not getting “vaccinated” (or “taking the shot) for the Wuhan virus…..and saying that it is due to some sort of “Racial Inequities”..


When in reality, Black (and “Brown”) people don’t trust the government enough to want to take the shot.

And let us not fail to remember that they, especially Black people, failed to adjust their lifestyles, so that their simple social behavior led to enough interactions to increase their risk…nothing like partying with 3 or 4 hundred of your closest friends to help keep that Wuhan stuff at bay….(instead of keeping to ones home and probably not being exposed).

But it MUST be the white man that causes all the issues, right? Couldn’t be the cultural differences that cause ’em. Nope. Folks who choose not to get the shot, others who won’t travel to get it like white people do…..

At some hospitals, where the shot is free for staff (but not compulsory), less than 30% of the folks of African ancestry took the free shot…and less than half of the Hispanics.

There are a LOT of reason that point to why the “Black” and “Brown” population has been harder hit…obesity, lack of decent nutrition, cultural, etc….But none of them are the fault of the “White Man”. The issues are internal, not external to those populations. ,,,,but that is true of most of their issues, innit?

1 is good, 2 is gooder, so…

If ONE mask was good, and now, two is better, then at what point is enough, enough?

(Note that while it MAY be true, no one has done any studies as the efficacy of double or triple masking…meaning that the whole idea is pretty much bullshit)….)

At some point, wearing 3 or 4 or 5 masks or even more, there will be no deaths from covid….’cause all the deaths will be from asphixiation.

Wearing masks wasn’t supposed to protect the wearer, but the folks around them, remember? Not filters for air going IN, but rather for filtering air going OUT…keeping droplets of spittle and such from carrying disease to others.

Of course, if one has any sense of history, one can remember when the “experts” told us that masks weren’t effective at all.

But that no longer matters, right?


Trust those experts. Really.

They are the ones that chose 6 feet (3 meters) with absolutely no modern data (and even the “experts” disagree) for their decision also….someone just pulled the distance out of their ass….no one know if that is, indeed, an effective distance…nor do they take into account factors such as airflow or direction


a big boys club

I didn’t get involved in the GameStop debacle….The copany wasn’t worth investing in, if one uses real metrics.

Having said that, the fact that most of the online trading companies chose to halt or limit the trading of GameStop and other similarly traded stock tells us that the Big Boys still control the trading, and more importantly, the portals to trading for us little folks. And that the Big Boys get to call the shots even when outmanuevered by the little folk,

Use the market, make money with it. But never forget incidents such as these.

Blogrolls updated

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Double standards

So the Left wants all the “Capitol Rioters” charged as Domestic Terrorists.

I could go along with that, as they did, after all, terroize the legislators in the Capitol that day. (apparently the prosecuters are having issues with the definition of “Insurrection, so this is their fallback plan)


But if we are gonna go that far, then let us investigate, find, and charge all those folks who rioted , looted, and burned last summer in the “Mostly Peaceful” porrtotests leading up to the election…They too terrorized people in those communities. Definitely those were incidents of Domestic Terrorism.

Further, then let us, as a nation, find, arrest, and charge all those Antifa folks. Especially those who do the occupations, who damage Federal Buildings, and who terrorize decent folks and shut down streets in cities with threats of violence.

If we are gonna go after “Domestic Terroists” then let us do it. But singling out the Capotol Rioters and letting those other folks go is a violation of the “Equal Potection Under the Law” rules we have in place here in the US.

Just ’cause the Left finds some terrorism useful (just before an election) doesn’t mean that these folks are any less guilty.

Yeah, this isn’t easy

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