Let us hope

2021 is leaving, 2022 is upon us. In most years, I would take this as a new set of chances, a new beginning….

Sadly, I fear that 2022 will be an even bigger Dumpster Fire than 2021.

I mean, I really hope it isn’t, and I am going forward as if it will be better in many ways.

But I fear our leaders will fuck it up as badly or worse than 2021. I have faith that they will not let a chance to bring defeat from the jaws of victory pass them by.


Having said that, I wish each of you a better (much better!) 2022 and a prosperous, happy,  upcoming year.

May it come to pass. .

And not from Covid either…..

If I were Ms Maxwell, I’d have an Easter Egg somewhere and would have it on a deadman switch …..and I would have made sure that the folks involved knew that it existed….Otherwise….

Funny, in a sad way

The CDC has come around to what most of us thought a year or more ago.

Covid-19 acts just like all the other Covids, like the common cold and SARS…At least as far as transmissibility and infectiousness and such. In fact, pretty much exactly like them in nearly all ways.

Of course, thanks to the CDC and Fauci, we have spent the past year or more hiding from the disease, (2 weeks to flatten the curve)  and injecting people with ineffective treatments while killing the world economy…all based upon fear rather than science…..


I find it interesting that when the economic recovery became more difficult, the CDC coincidentally changed their guidelines to a shorter (10 days to 5 days) quarantine period, innit? You can’t tell me that this data was not available a year or more ago, so why now?

Too big to care anymore

The NRA training department management needs another swift kick in the ass.

Their attitude in not one of helping, nor of customer service. Rather, their attitude seems to be that their trainers work for them, and making anything convenient is a secondary or tertiary consideration.

I am about to give up entirely on my NRA trainer credentials.


Trust Us, we are the experts

And, of course, “The science iz settled”.


CDC now announces that 10 day quarantine can be cut to 5 days. 

Because, as we all know, like the 6 foot distancing ( one meter in the rest of the world), the 10 days was a figure pulled out of someone’s ass  (remember, it was 21 days, then 16 days, then 14 days?) who really could not do more than guess…..and our country has been fucked by the “Experts” who are (as we now have seen time and time again) are just guessing.

It is speculated that critical people being out for 10 days after being exposed has reached the point where the country’s workforce is unable to keep up with critical demand as the economy slowly recovers…so the politicians are leaning on the “Scientists” to “change the science”….again.

How many other Commandments and Proclamations from the “Experts” are we gonna find are so much bullshit?


Eh, I got Nuthin’

It’s Monday. If yer off work for the “Holidays”, start your Day Drinking early……

If not, well, then get back to work.

Or read the folks on the Right>>>>

Peace out.



Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends.


Remember why we celebrate, willya?

Think of them on Christmas Eve

Say a “Thank you” to all the soldiers, sailors (Navy and Coast Guard),airmen and Marines who are away from their families while standing guard over your safety, security, and freedom on this Christmas Eve.


When “Covid” becomes an excuse

So now every time an airline cannot keep to it’s schedule or has to cancel for mechanical or other reason, it becomes:

“Cancelled due to Covid issues”.

In reality, most (if not all) of these cancellations are caused by understaffing issues or just plain bad management.

But Covid makes an easy and convenient excuse, don’t it?

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