State of Jefferson on the horizon?

So California is making noises that they will defy the Federal government and make the entire state a Sanctuary for illegal (Mexican) invaders immigrants.

I say, Bring it. They need the US more than we need them. And, really, it is the southern part of the state (occupied by Leftists), not the northern, which wants this. The northern part wants to form their own state….They’d rather secede from California.

And if California goes up against the Feds, they will lose. They need the monies from Federal coffers to keep ’em alive. If they lose that, they lose about $100Billion in revenue. Add in revenue from the ports, (which would close if the Feds blockaded them or put an import tariff on all shipments from California). Other west coast port cities would thrive. The State needs the Fed money to keep the road network running. Without interstates (and the Fed monies to keep em in repair) the state is in Gridlock nearly immediately.

The southern part of the state can’t pay their bills now. If they are no longer a part of the US (CalExit) then they won’t have the rest of the states to prop up their deficits….The day it happens, they are bankrupt. The State doesn’t produce enough electricity to power itself., so if they choose to defy the Feds, that can be a lever too.

If they want to secede, let ’em. That is just more wall to build, and more jobs to do so. The rest of the US can do without their vegetables, but they can’t do without our cash. 

Not my “values at stake”

My values are just fine with Trump’s actions, so far at least….

Barry can’t stay quiet. Can’t stand not being the center of attention. Narcissist.

Or maybe he gets his news from CNN and a bunch of liberals on Facebook, like most of the folks who protest everything Trump does. Sure as hell isn’t fact based.

On Jan. 18, President Barack Obama told reporters in his final news conference that he would comment on his successor’s actions only at “certain moments where I think our core values may be at stake.”
He managed to stay quiet for less than two weeks.

And, of course, he forgets that HE named the 7 countries as hotbeds of terrorism and all….And HE banned musilims (or at least folks from some muslim majority countries….)  But that isn’t any of our business ’cause it all be in the past and all….

These aren’t protests

Not as we know ’em.

The Womyn’s March, these immigration protests, etc. They aren’t really protesting because they believe something, and are against a policy that goes against what they believe…

They are instead protesting Mr. Trump. The TEMPORARY immigration ban? Done by, among others, Barry the O did it, Clinton (William, not Hillary) did it, Carter did it, etc.

But that wasn’t wrong, then. But Trump? OMFG then it is is REALLY BAD.

The Womyn who marched? No two of them could agree on what they were marching to accomplish. But “Vagina” and “Trump Bad” and “He won’t take away my Rights” (no one could explain WHAT rights, mind you) ….But “Trump Bad”.

It’s almost like these are organized, like someone is planning them….Like someone is paying for them…..Just to protest Trump.


Dude interviewed at Ohare airport:

“The constitution says all refugees are welcome”….Really? Must be the abridged version. I checked just moments ago, and my version doesn’t have that. Nor does the one I found in Wikipedia or any other source on the internet….I wonder what version he has read…if at all.

The Pope says we should welcome all refugees……This from a man who lives in a compound, behind a wall, and who controls an organizations sitting on BILLIONS of dollars in assets….that they choose not to use to change the plight of these people they condemn others for not helping. Can you say “hypocrite?

I have come to expect behavior of which the above are examples from leftists….ut it still irritates me when I see it.

If they can do this to them…

They can do it to you.

This looks like a made up reason to “Disarms the uppity niggers”.

They don’t get their firearms back until Monday? WTF?

And that raises question for those who say they believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The Panthers’ being race-obsessed collectivists notwithstanding, the question becomes one of whether such laws comport with “shall not be infringed.”

Does being on “public property” create a “compelling state interest” necessitating citizen disarmament? How about being organized? Does that justify the state denying a fundamental right without due process?

Sorry, I’m no fan of the Panthers. (Had a run in with several Local  “New Black Panthers”  about 15 years ago. I’m not their favorite person even today, I’d bet. Didn’t end well for them….I didn’t like it either…

Having said that, One has to remember that they have the same rights as every other citizen, despite being counter culture folks who are, really, Black Supremacists….Until they break the law, they get the same shake as anyone else.

Disarming them is/was wrong. You can ban firearms in the courthouse (Not that I agree with that, but the courts have upheld that)….but to ban them in any demonstration? I don’t think so.

Hate to say it, but I gotta side with the Panthers on this one.