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So there are reports that the gas that killed hundreds (if not more) of the Syrian civilians was not, in fact, from the Assad regime.

The report states that it was the “rebels” who did it, perhaps by accident. Reportedly, it was the Saudis who gave them the chemical weapons…..without training them in the proper care and feeding of such, leading to mishandling and an accidental discharge of poison gas.

Maybe it is true and maybe it isn’t. Likely we will never know. We do know that muslims often lie, and are not above lying to the press in order to manioulate the larger world powers.

But then there is this

Then again, it could be the Assad regime spreading disinformation. Maybe. or maybe not.

We do know that chemical weapons were used, but by whom and how it happened we do not.

Is this enough to start a war over? On the one hand we have a particularly nasty leader and a bunch of psychotics who care very little for the populace they wish to dominate.

On the other hand, we have the rebels. Apparently being armed by the Saudis….

Neither side is a friend of the US, nor will taking their side make that so.

But until we know FOR SURE, we can’t very well do anything, can we? Unless, of course, our esteemed “Der Leader” wants to use this as an excuse to support his friends Al Queda.

We can hope that the threat of impeachment if he acts without congress will keep him in check. 

Really, it has gone on long enough

Fukushima, that is. The damaged nuclear power plants in Japan that are contaminating the Pacific Ocean still to this day. 

The plant(s) suffered major damage on March 11, 2011. More than 2 years ago.

The operators  screwed up by the numbers after the quake and tsunami caused the (SCRAM) shutdown of the plant. Failure to provide for clean cooling water caused them to eventually have to use salt water to cool the spent fuel and the (now damaged) reactor core, damaging them further due to corrosion from the salt. Failure to set the emergency backup generators above the level of a potential tsunami when the pants were built caused the operators to have to scramble for other means to pump cooling water to the fuel and reactor core. Then they ran the fire truck they were using as a pump out of fuel. By the time they got fuel to the truck and found other methods of pumping cooling water, it was too late. They had a meltdown both in the spent fuel pools and in the reactor vessel, damaging the fuel rods and the reactor core and containment.

All of this happened more than 2 years ago.

Since that incident, a significant portion of that cooling water, now radioactive, has flowed into the sea. 24/7, the leaks have continued.

Now I was all for giving the Japanese time to fix their mess. The ocean is a big thing, and it can dilute a significant amount of that contaminated and highly radioactive water down to nearly nothing. After all, there are billions and billions and billions of gallons of Pacific Ocean to dilute that. Lots of water to absorb the mess…

But 75,000 gallons per day (by some reports) of radioactive water are flowing into the ocean….. Contaminating the sea for the 880+ days.

Isn’t it time they did something to stop this? This isn’t like Chernobyl, where the Russian government did have a release of radioactive material but then immediately took heroic steps to contain it and stop further contamination. Isn’t it time the Japanese government took whatever steps are necessary to contain this continued outflow of contaminated water? I realize that this is a hazardous environment for people. But soon the sea will be as well.

880+ days. Thousands of gallons and many curies of radioactive materials into an environment we all share. An ocean which feeds millions of people. Like Pacific Salmon? Tuna? They will eventually become unsafe to eat. Not yet, but not too long in the future. King and Snow crab? Same thing.

Yeah, I know I sound like a refugee from the Green party in the late 1970’s. Trust me, I’m not that kind of person. But really….How long will we let this go on? They are polluting the ocean with 30+ Three Mile Islands every week of radioactive water and substances (low estimates, who really knows? TEPCO ain’t saying for sure…others say 10 times that). It’s not the first few weeks that make me worry, it is the continuing weeks and years that become an issue.

The cleanup is being handled by the plant owner. TEPCO  They are obviously not “sparing no expense” to keep the contaminated water from spilling into the ocean. Yes, I know that this isn’t something you clean up overnight. I got that. But there is nothing being done to stop the pollution. Nothing being done to fix the issue. In the first few weeks they used large tanks to contain the water, but have apparently abandoned that idea (too costly? cheaper to let it flow into the ocean….) They have apparently chosen to give up on containing the water, which is both radioactive and contaminated with radioactive materials….These are not only dangerous due to their radioactivity but are also chemically poisonous. A portion of our food supplies live and grow in that ocean that is being polluted.

I think it is time that we begin to put pressure on our federal government to force the Japanese government and TEPCO to change the situation. To CONTAIN this issue. To stop polluting. Stop taking the cheap and easy way out. Stop letting their mess flow into the ocean.

Seriously. Call or write your senators and congressmen. Ask them to do something.You can find your senators and congressmen by clicking the “contacting the congress” link at the top of the left side.

Enough is enough. This can be fixed soon (and could have been already), if someone cared and was willing to spend enough money on containment. At a certain point the cost to contain this mess becomes meaningless compared to the damage they are doing.

What, me worry?

You should read THIS.


You are open to blackmail. No you aren’t doing anything wrong, and no, you think you don’t have anything to hide.

But so did Justice Roberts.

What (if anything) did the Obama Administration have on him to make him change his opinion so drastically re: Obamacare?

Most of my readers are conservative. Some are active in conservative organizations or attend anti government protests. Do they have anything to hide?

The telephone metadata can show contacts. Can prove communications. Can be used against them should one of their contacts be classified as an “enemy of the State” .

This data can be used to quiet dissenting voices.

The government has been doing such things for a long time. Since at least during the Vietnam war era, they have tracked dissenters. They wiretapped MLK and his associates and attempted to get him to stop his protests with what they heard. Now they have a wonderful new set of tools to track and connect all the people who they find irritating.


You can find it HERE.

Sad that the left lets partisan politics enter a celebration of such an inaugural event.

I think he’d be disgusted today….

50 years ago, there was a massive march on Washington.

A large number of speakers made speeches promoting civil rights and equality.

The most memorable of these in history is, of course, Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream“.

But sadly, while most (not, by far, all) of the whites have embraced the ideals put forth in his speech, few (but thankfully, not none) of the black members of our society have.

Few black people can see beyond race. Some can, I know, because I know some of them, and call them friend.

But they are exceptions. Most black people (and a lower percentage than white folks) cannot see beyond race. They don’t judge by the “content of their character” but rather the “color of their skin” And I find that sad. I think that the Reverend King would as well. I rather think he would be disgusted by many black people today.

They don’t want equality. They want someone else to pay for them. They want someone else to make excuses for their societal behavior. They want someone else to make their lot in life better rather than making it better themselves by changing their lifestyle.

Honestly, if they had true equality with whites, without the extra gimmes and with the same standards of behavior, they couldn’t handle it.

And BTW, most of what Reverend King dreamed of has come to pass. Most of the issues black people encounter today in many areas of the country are of their own making.

Yeah, I know, pointing that out makes me a racist. 


Has anyone, anywhere, ever seen any stills taken from video or actual footage of Adman Lanza either entering (by breaking down the door, we are told) the Sandy Hook Elementary School or of him in the hallways or other parts of the school? Carrying a firearm or not? 


I mean, the dude is at room temperature, so there is no reason to avoid showing the video or photos. Not like you are going to hinder a prosecution or anything….From what I understand, the school was wired for video. In fact, I understand that they got a grant the year before that allowed them to cover the school with video to only a slightly lesser degree that the gaming area of a Vegas casino.

One would think that the members of our intrepid Fourth Estate would have found the above mentioned video by now if it existed….If they cared to do so….

And has anyone else noticed that the incidence of mass shootings anywhere have dropped precipitously now that “Gun Control” is, for all intents and purposes dead for the next two years? Like to zero. Strange coincidence, that.

Or is my tinfoil hat just poorly adjusted?

(as an aside, anyone know why Blogger won’t publish scheduled posts anymore most of the time?)


I interact with people from nearly all demographics in my business. I talk with and discuss many things with many people of many backgrounds and ancestries.

I have only one philosophy about my interaction with these people aside from learning new things:

I really only care what color their money is, and if they have anything insightful to say or teach me..

I don’t care what their religion is, their ancestry is, what their culture is, or their choice of partners or how they couple. I really don’t.

All I ask is that you not threaten me, or be rude to me or others…

But I do expect that people, at least in public and when interacting with others, will have a standard of politeness and decency. I don’t expect that they will all join hands and sing Kumbayah or anything like that, but up until a few months ago I generally found that most people were, if not polite to others, were at least decent…and patient and tolerant of others. Perhaps standoffish or not friendly, but at least decent. This was true across all race/religion/culture barriers.  Unless, of course, an individual gave them a significant reason not to be.

Until lately. Now, the following is going to be perceived by some as racist. I do not mean it to be, nor is is an indictment of everyone that has a certain “look”. Honestly, I don’t notice those who don’t give me a reason to. Just because you have a certain “look” doesn’t make you a bad person. 

While my sample size may be small, and my observation not entirely unbiased, I have noticed a trend lately…and not a good one.

While many older black people (say 25 or older) are as polite and generally courteous as always, there is a significant subset (by no means all of them) of the younger black kids, both male and female, who are not only rude, but actively antagonistic to other races. Comments which would best be kept unsaid (or said in private), many of which are openly confrontational…..actions which, were the recipients not generally inclined to be courteous and patient would lead to violence….

And the majority of these acts are perpetrated by folks who look “ghetto”. Appearances can, of course be deceiving, but they all fit a stereotype…..”ghetto cruisers”….flashy clothing…large, cheap jewelery. Loud, offensive rap music….often with lyrics that are offensive to, or promote threats towards, white people.

And it appears that there are more of them. Travelers all. Not folks in their home environment, but rather traveling from one place to another. There must be more money floating around in that demographic than before, or perhaps their actions are offensive enough to me and others that we are now noticing them more. I dunno. I do know that many of these folks are not offensive enough that I even notice them. But an ever increasing percentage of them are.

What I do know is that, where in the past they were not offensive…honestly not really noticeable unless you cared that they were different in appearance or by the vehicles they drove, now they are offensive, pushy, rude and “in your face”… especially to whites.

The comments they make (loudly!) to each other, and their body language and gestures are racist and  threatening. They tend to travel in groups, so others notice the threatening group actions. And they don’t care that they are perceived as threatening and rude and offensive or racist. In fact, they appear to revel in the discomfort they can evoke. And they have a “whatcha gonna do about it?” demeanor.

So far, everything in my area has been, if not copacetic, at least ignored by the locals and the other travelers. (but as one local pointed out to a group with particularly threatening comments…”You’d best remember that you folks are only 22% of the population. You ain’t gonna “take over” or take everything from me and mine…. Shut up”) But the level of provocation is….escalating. The trend is ominous.

People of other races (and yes, the latinos, middle easterners, asians  and others of mixed races don’t like the behavior and comment on this as well) are becoming less tolerant because of this. They are viewing all blacks with suspicion. The news media is telling us about ever increasingly violent attacks on
white as well. They aren’t even trying to downplay them anymore. In discussions with the local sheriff’s deputies, I have found that they too notice a trend of ghetto looking folks being more aggressive. As one pointed out to me…”these Yo’s think that everywhere (and everybody) is like their home turf……..they are gonna find that out in the country or outside of the inner city people aren’t gonna put up with their behavior…and it ain’t gonna be pretty when it happens.”

Honestly, I have seen a great deal of behavior ….actions and language that, were the recipients not constrained by their culture and for fear of being called “racist” would result in violence.  

If this trend continues, I see a great deal of trouble on the horizon. The escalation is reaching a point where it will not be ignored.

But more importantly, I fear the young(er) black folks are going to provoke a serious incident…that the behavior of these youngsters will make an incident happen that will lead to a significant race war…especially if it is “processed” by the same spinmeisters  that did the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident.

And trust me, where I work, an incident between an inner city group and the folks that live here will not end well. Many of the locals are armed, and, while not looking for a confrontation, will not back down from one if the incident is serious enough.

The trend, as I said, is ominous.

Someone (or someones) is (are) are going to get hurt. Not only the perpetrators, but a lot of innocent people of all races as well.


So it occurs to me that the NSA has been monitoring phone calls one way or another for several years.

Yet, somehow, they were unable to use that data to investigate Major Hasan…that murdering son of a goat fucker herder from Algeria;  he was apparently in regular communication with Jihadist religious leaders overseas. This meets the standards that the NSA claims is reason to investigate people….But no dice ….they couldn’t be bothered. 12 dead and 32 wounded.

So the question comes up, just who were the NSA paying attention to? They couldn’t figure out that this man, who was apparently calling other radical muslim figures and religious leaders in the Mideast and Europe on a semi-regular basis might be a threat?

Guess they were spending too much time watching you and me.

So about that UN arms thingie….

Seems that, as the saying goes, “The devil is in the details”

Go HERE for a few links to those devilish details. The links are many and you can’t read ’em in 30 seconds.

But you need to know. And decide how to respond.

Are you willing to give up your personally owned guns so the US can be a good member of the UN? If not, what are you gonna do?

I’m not.