So are we gonna reduce the US Marshalls?

Seems that the IRS is gaining a LOT of new armed officers.

Armed. 87,000 new gun-toting IRS agents.

Prior to now, generally, when they raided a home or business they used the US Marshalls service or local Law Enforcement to provide the guns….

But now they have (or will soon have) their own armed agents to do the work.

So will we reduce the number of US Marshalls? I mean, since they no longer need ’em and all.

Yea, I know, stop laughing.


So Trump’s fundraising is “exploding” after the raid as people choose to support his campaign after the Politically motivated “Raid” on his home.

While many folks who had chosen not to donate to his campaign up til now , they are, apparently angered by the partisan justice and blatant games being played by both the Jan 6th committee and now this heavy handed actions by the DOJ. And his contributions have apparently reached records (for this early in the campaign, anyway)

People can see the partisan and heavy handed actions and where they come from, no matter what label of “Law” they are placed under. The grandstanding, the desire to trash his reputation and the complicity of the press.

The Left must really really fear him running again, especially seeing how well Brandon is thought of by most of the population at this point. I think they know that Trump would win over and above the level of Cheat the DNC folks can apply… And that frightens them badly.

Fentanyl, Cocaine and Heroin….and Ukraine.

So a Ukrainian who was high on drugs while driving a truck caused a wreck…killing 5 motorcyclists….admitted that HE caused the crash….Federal crash investigators found that the truck driver was impaired by drugs and had swerved into the oncoming motorcycle convoy.

He was tried by a jury and was found “Not Guilty”.

Seems the Judge, Judge Peter H. Bornstein, dismissed eight charges related to whether he was impaired. Without the impairment charge, the jury couldn’t find Manslaughter or Negligent Homicide.

One wonders what it took for the judge to make his ruling. Who, besides the defendant, benefitted? I mean, Ukraine. I shouldn’t need to say more.

Oil supply data being manipulated by the Biden admin?

Interesting article:

Some oil pundits are now claiming that the Biden administration has been fabricating low gasoline demand data in order to drag prices lower.

“While Gasbuddy claims there was a 2% rise in gasoline demand last week, the EIA reported a 7.6% drop in demand.”

Interesting, innit? Of course, this means that someone has engineered a conspiracy to give bad data…..but that is less likely than it was even 10 years ago.

But when a media outlet like is printing this, then one must wonder……

Must be getting desperate

So the Mar-a-Lago raid…..For “classified materials”

Funny how they didn’t raid Hillary’s offices for those materials SHE had, innit? Or the server that contained all those classified emails.

The Left and Liz Cheney (but I repeat myself) couldn’t get any traction with the Jan 6 hearings, so now this.

They must really fear him running again in 2024. Really be afraid of him.

I’d probably vote DeSantis then, but they must think Trump is gonna run again and they must really fear him winning.

Things that make you go “Hmmmm?”

So Elon Musk asks the hard question:

“if the Biden administration is working so hard to free Brittney Griner it should also free Americans incarcerated on marijuana offenses”.

Damned straight. She broke the law and got her punishment (and, apparently, Russians who commit that offense get even harsher terms)….and folks in the US who break Federal drug laws get punishment as well..


But Biden and lots of Liberals think that she should get special treatment? Why?

It ain’t like the Left has ever been consistent in their thinking though.