I’d be all for this

As long as they make sure that all the energy used to power these electric vehicles either comes from Wind or Solar (or other “Renewables”) and is produced ONLY in the state of California.

California to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Vehicles by 2035

No imported power, especially not power from other states that is produced by coal or natural gas, or anything that is burned. It all must be Carbon Free.

Otherwise, it is hypocritical and a lie. Burning carbon somewhere else rather than in that state is just leaving the “pollution” to someone else to deal with. And if you allow those cars to use “dirty” power to charge, then you aren’t meeting the stated goal of “zero-polluting cars and light-duty trucks” and “leave(ing) this planet better for future generations”.


2 thoughts on “I’d be all for this

  1. The manufacturers should just keep building what people want and not sell anything in California. The people of California would force the law to be repealed quickly. The losses from the sales not made in California would be miniscule compared to the costs of meeting their demands.
    Remember, it was California that drove the complete redesign of the lowly gas can. How much do you love those things that require a third arm to dump a gallon in your car? If the manufacturers had just refused to do what California wanted, a one gallon gas can wouldn’t cost twenty dollars.
    And the people of California would have forced their geniuses in office to ditch that law.

    • Please don’t dump all of the “people of California” into one bucket. There are MILLIONS of us here who are hoping for a direct hit from a meteor on a fully occupied State House! Most of this “legislation” is being concocted there with absolutely no public knowledge until the papers are on Pelosi’s nephew’s desk! WE did not vote for these people! Truthfully, we haven’t been represented in state or federal government in DECADES!

      …And DAMN, we hate those gas cans!!!!

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