Well, that sucks

So it is annual time for the 340A. Most of the inspection has gone well no (so far) issues with the airframe or controls or wiring…..


The engine inspection was bad. Very, Very Bad. I expected a bad cylinder, possibly two. I was not disappointed. But when we pulled the first cylinder and inspected the innards of the engine we found a badly worn camshaft. The oil analysis had told us at the last oil change that there was something wearing badly, and it was correct (surprisingly so). The camshaft had worn beyond the surface hardening, and is pretty badly worn. Engine failure will be very soon.

The worst part? At LEAST 120 days for a repair of the engine. Ram Engines (the folks who made this engine (Continental TSIO-520NB) is backed up for AT LEAST 6 months, more like 8 (according to them). A local (very good) engine shop is sure that they can do it in approximately 120 days.

2 years ago the wait time was 15-30 days.  Now it is much greater. “Supply Chain Disruptions” is all that they will say as a reason.

But I won’t have the plane for at least 4 months. 4 MONTHS.

But at least it will give me time to work on my Commercial rating.

I don’t wanna know what this is gonna cost me though.


8 thoughts on “Well, that sucks

  1. First world rich people problems….. You have a plane AND you can afford an engine. That puts you firmly into the top 5% of Americans. Don’t complain. The damn thing could have grenaded on you at 9000 feet up.

    • Idunno. B has the money to own a plane. I don’t. Big deal. The “rich guy” who owns the company I work for has paid me well for twenty years. Do care how big his house is? No. He did something I couldn’t. He got rich doing it. He’s bee fair to me for twenty years. Because he’s rich, I’ve been able to buy a house and finish raising my family. That’s all I care about.

      ‘Sounds like a bit of an envy issue on your part, fella.

      Actually, I kinda like reading about this stuff. Downside; I don’t have a plane. Upside; I don’t have a plane with a bad engine. Good luck with your search, B!

    • “could have grenaded on you at 9000 feet”

      That’s why I fly a twin. A 340 will fly on one engine.

  2. No complaints. I am comfortable. Yes, it is a First World problem.
    It still sucks.

    I worked very hard for 36 years, never took a vacation, never went anywhere. Worked 65+ hour weeks. Lived in a very small 1970’s house. Only ever bought one new car until 2 years ago.

    No toys until I learned to fly. No vacations, Few things I didn’t need. Heated with wood and seldom went out for dinner. Never spent my money foolishly. Tried to mot make foolish mistakes (at least not more than once)…Paid off my house in 17 years by making extra principal payments Saved every penny I could It paid off… But I earned it.

    Don’t be a dick. Sorry you didn’t follow that path. Make better choices in life…I’m 60 years old and financially independent. But I worked for it.

  3. I have no idea if this will benefit you, but give Penn Yan a call, they might be able to help. And I gain nothing by referring them.

  4. Drat, that just sucks. How close was the engine to TBO? Good luck and Greg’s suggestion of Penn Yan is a good one, heard nothing but good things about them for engine work. Then again, they’re likely backed up too.

  5. Sorry to hear of this development. Supply chain reduced is no lie. I hope this can be resolved with less cost to you. The upside is that the extra cost is for your wants, not your needs. A house foundation problem or legal lawsuit that sucks the bank accounts dry is worse in my opinion.

    I had to purchase a pair of tires this past Monday, but could not find the Goodyear LT tires I am use to. Three different tire stores – same story. We sell what they send, we can TRY and order, but have no gaurantee when that order will be filled. Sorry – would these do in their place ?

    Had to settle for another brand of tire. That or buy the more expensive – more aggressive tread – more road noise tire from Goodyear. Two tires – $518. Damn ! Yes, I have the money to purchase, but I already had some other plans for it. Just Life.

    • Very much wants over needs.
      Still, it sucks seeing our industry and country damaged so badly.

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