Ant vs Grashopper:

Spent a big part of Saturday lifting wood (not a euphemism).

I moved about 2-1/2 tons of firewood into the basement. Oddly, my neighbor who lives on the right side of me (the industrious one) was also preparing his wood supply for winter….. (The guy on the left side of me won’t bother until winter and then likely won’t have enough, but he barely has the foresight to tuck it in before zipping up…come February he will be asking if I will give him some dry wood. Like every year, I will say “nope”). I’d have moved more, but I gotta stack what I got first to make room for the rest I have a pile 7 ft high and about 12 across to stack in the next week or so.

Anyway, the two of us each moved about 1/2 of our supply of seasoned firewood to the ready positions. We will be warm and happy when winter comes. Plus we each got a fair bit of exercise.


4 thoughts on “Ant vs Grashopper:

  1. i beat myself silly splitting wood in june, but we’ll be warm n toasty this winter. and lucky i cut those trees. one was a huge house destroyer, and unknown to anybody as dead as a door nail inside. just finished my chicken coop too, and getting eggs already. life is good.

    • Yeah, I did mine in May, been seasoning since then. I just moved it into the basement so it is convenient to the woodstove.

  2. Having your wood supply in the basement may be convenient. But it’s also a good way to introduce insects and other vermin INTO the house. And if those vermin include termites you’re going to HATE the outcome.

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