Penn Yan

So I had contacted Penn Yan Aero for a quote for a rebuilt engine when getting other quotes. Got this reply a bit before noon today:

Thank you for contacting Penn Yan Aero for your engine needs. Unfortunately due to a lack of parts and cylinder availability lead times are currently longer than 1 year making price quoting impossible at this time.
Thank you

Sal Sciallo
Engine Sales
Penn Yan Aero
2499 Bath Rd.
Penn Yan, NY 14527
Phone:315-536-2333 ext 7235

So the parts issue is everywhere, even amongst the (arguably) best airplane engine service folks in the world.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestion, but I had already contacted them. Either way they can’t help me in a timeframe that I can accept, so I am looking for other avenues.

Seems that Brandon and his people have broken nearly everything in this country, doesn’t it?

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  1. That sucks. Our flying club’s planes are getting near TBO and the estimates from Lycoming for the overhaul are way up in terms of cost and time too.

  2. Market economies are supposed to be able to resolve “supply disruptions”. Unless, there is government interference. Two years is a long time for such problems to persist. It has been years since I read economics. I may be mistaken.

    Thank you for running your blog. Always good to read.

  3. A local well drilling company has about ten trucks, but four of them are inop due to lack of repair parts.

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