How many show trials equal one banana republic?

I mean, really, how many more Show Trials will D. Trump have to endure? The whole E. Jean Carroll thing was a joke, and he was essentially railroaded. The judge was anything but impartial. The rest of the trials are following similar paths. Refusing to let evidence in, refusal to exclude evidence that isn’t relevant, Judges who don’t even make an attempt to hide their animosity to DJT,

At some point, even the left has to see the rape of our “Justice” system….the making of our courts into a laughingstock. A caricature of what they are supposed to be.


Don’t they realize what a slippery slope that is? How damaging that can be to our Republic?

Or is it, ultimately, a part of the plan? Keep DJT from running for President and at the soma time undermine a part of what makes America great?

Lots of money “Missing” in Ukraine

A recent Pentagon report has brought to light that over $1 billion in military aid sent to Ukraine by the United States has not been properly accounted for.


Lots and lots of missing weapons, missing funds, missing materiel, and the :”Financial Aid” is missing all over the place.


I am sure that not all of them give 10% back, but enough of them do that the post below this one to make  more and more sense…

Who is his boss? Who does Joe Biden actually work for?

So Biden says he is “Willing to shut down the border” right now…..If the border deal passes (With Ukraine funding). 

(read that again….the security of this country hinges on him getting taxpayer money for Ukraine)


Why isn’t he willing to shut down the border RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

Why is he holding this COUNTRY, the United States, hostage, in order to make sure that Ukraine gets it’s funding…more free money from the United States taxpayer? Why is that more important to him , higher in priority, than the sovereignty of our country’s borders and the economic health of our citizens? (How much are they kicking back to him and his family?)


Who, exactly, is he working for? The people of the Untied States, or the Government of Ukraine?

This is the question that EVERYONE should be asking. Every single person, Republican, Democrat, Independent,….Black, White, other.,,,,, Straight, Gay or whatever.  Man, woman or unsure. Every citizen of the US should ask this question. So should the media, but they aren’t. So we should ask it of everyone we know, everyone we meet, everyone we can get to listen? Make ’em think. Make ’em question.

If you are reading this you should point these facts out to everyone you know and ask them….Make them ask that question until Biden answers it…..

If you own a blog, or do Twitter or Facebook or whatever media platform… should be asking this question there as well.



ETA: Thanks to CederQ at Bustenuckles and  Irish at the Feral Irishman for spreading the word. Every single person should see the question and ask themselves what Biden is doing and why. I don’t care if you give me credit or not. But put the word out there any way you can and make everyone ask why this is happening.

On the bright side

He won’t reoffend, and he won’t cost the state any more money to house him….

People seem to think that an execution should be all happy and shit. It is the killing (as punishment for crimes) of another human being. Nowhere do I see that it should be painless nor fun. It is, ultimately, retribution.

And it might, just maybe, make other potential criminals think just a bit before acting…..

The curtains opened. The death warrant was read. Then the most violent execution I’ve ever seen began: The thrashing… the retching…. the last gasp – my view from the witness gallery of the world’s first nitrogen suffocation that will haunt me forever

They didn’t put the bolts back.

No matter how you slice it, no matter how they try to blame the QA procedures at Boeing (and yes, that needs to be addressed) at the end of it, 4 workers took 4 bolts out of the door plug on a 737 airplane, did some maintenance, and failed to put the 4 bolts that were designed to keep the plug in place back into the assembly. . This was workers simply not doing their job, plain and simple. 4 people who could not make sure that the job was completed. Either too  uncaring to finish a job, or deliberately not doing it to harm the company (they are lucky no one was hurt or killed) This could have been any number of critical assemblies….landing gear, engine attachment points, wing bolts, tail bolts, rudder cables, rudder hinges, etc.  elevator bolts, etc…all of which are critical to safe and continued flight.

At the end of it, it was negligence by those workers that failed to complete their job and caused the door to depart the aircraft. (and, one wonders, where were the workers who put the interior on the door…were they blind or also uncaring?). Yes, again, there should have been an inspection afterwards, but if they were doing their job, that inspection should not have been needed. When you do a job and there are parts (bolts, nuts, and cotter pins, in this case) left over, one would think that even union employees would ask questions…..



When will the Border Patrol actually….you know, Patrol the Border?

Once, long ago, they were in place to prevent people from crossing the border….Border guards, as it were.

No longer.

Now they facilitate the crossers, give them aid , take their names, and facilitate their movement to smaller towns in the US. with handouts from the Federal Government (paid for by the Taxpayers deficit…. )

They  are no longer the agency that they once were. They are, effectively, useless. Highly paid and well equipped, but useless to the country.


But they follow orders, like all good federal employees.

Pretty much “Green” technology in a nutshell, innit?

Hybrid Ferry in Scotland has battery issues, now runs exclusively on diesel. 

SO they spent all that extra money to make the thing be as fast and to carry as much as a diesel powered ship…then the battery broke and now it runs really slowly, with almost no power reserve for emergencies, exclusively on diesel because the battery. electric side of the system has failed and cannot be repaired easily or cheaply.

Plus, of course, it didn’t save any energy or reduce carbopn output even when the system was fully functional.

Piss poor engineering, executed way too fast, to feed the Green Gods” and to follow a fashion….with lots of money spent for no gain…..Pretty much the ‘Green” movement in a nutshell.


lying out of both sides of his mouth

On the one hand, he appealed a court decision to continue to allow his border patrol agents to cut the razor wire that Texas la enforcement is putting up to keep the illegal alien invaders out of the country.


On the other hand, he says that he will absolutely close the border as soon as there is a “border deal” in the senate….

But util then, the floodgates are open.


Lying bazztard Biden. But that’s the DNC on border patrol and illegal immigration in a nutshell, innit? They’ve been lying about this for the entire time I can remember. “If we get amnesty then we will shut the border…lies. Dreamers and then we will do something about illegal aliens crossing…lies. Now this.

OF course, the Republican side makes a lot of noise, but then folds and gives the Dems what they want, so there isn’t really an opposition when it come right down to it.