When will the Border Patrol actually….you know, Patrol the Border?

Once, long ago, they were in place to prevent people from crossing the border….Border guards, as it were.

No longer.

Now they facilitate the crossers, give them aid , take their names, and facilitate their movement to smaller towns in the US. with handouts from the Federal Government (paid for by the Taxpayers deficit…. )

They  are no longer the agency that they once were. They are, effectively, useless. Highly paid and well equipped, but useless to the country.


But they follow orders, like all good federal employees.

2 thoughts on “When

  1. The Border Patrol is just like every hired thug pinned to a badge here in America. They DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD. They don’t care what the orders are. All that matters is the paychecks arrive on time, the retirement plan is intact and the dental benefits are the best. For those guarantees they will do literally anything. Expecting low IQ hired muscle to have a conscience is folly.

  2. Yeah, pretty much ALL feds are like that.

    What is your retirement plan, Dan?

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