lying out of both sides of his mouth

On the one hand, he appealed a court decision to continue to allow his border patrol agents to cut the razor wire that Texas la enforcement is putting up to keep the illegal alien invaders out of the country.


On the other hand, he says that he will absolutely close the border as soon as there is a “border deal” in the senate….

But util then, the floodgates are open.


Lying bazztard Biden. But that’s the DNC on border patrol and illegal immigration in a nutshell, innit? They’ve been lying about this for the entire time I can remember. “If we get amnesty then we will shut the border…lies. Dreamers and then we will do something about illegal aliens crossing…lies. Now this.

OF course, the Republican side makes a lot of noise, but then folds and gives the Dems what they want, so there isn’t really an opposition when it come right down to it.

2 thoughts on “lying out of both sides of his mouth

  1. WE, THE PEOPLE need to be that opposition… Face it; if we don’t take care of this, no one will… It’s time…

  2. The Republicans will write a strongly worded letter and maybe appoint a committee to study the situation. That’s about it.

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