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Now we’ve seen Trump’s Tax Returns.

So when do we see the tax returns of all the rest of the Senators and Congressmen?

I mean, public disclosure just like Trump. I actually don’t think it is a bad idea to see the tax returns for every public official.

Let’s start with Pelosi, and work from there.

Thank God I didn’t choose Southwest

And I likely will think twice before ever choosing them again….

Back from Phoenix. I am So thankful I flew Allegiant Airlines rather than Southwest….As I’d have been caught up in their operations meltdown.

As it was, no operational delays out of South Bend (except for the guy in the seat a few rows behind me, who passed out (Diabetic issues I think) just before they closed the doors and had to be hauled off the plane by paramedics ….and that is not the airline’s fault….)

Arrived Mesa airport almost on time even with the delay at departure and spent a wonderful few days with my parents in Phoenix….including taking them to dinner on their 60th wedding anniversary.

Oddly enough, weather wise, despite the temps being below zero a few days ago, it was nearly as warm at home as it was in Phoenix……. mid 50’s and rainy there and in Indiana, upper 40’s.

Anyway, had I gone my normal route, Southwest via Midway airport, I’d likely still be trying to GET to Phoenix……

And despite the stories and spin and excuses being put forth in the press releases, the “new” COO at Southwest is also part of the issue, having had since April of ’22 to do something about the operations…and he has done nothing to improve the situation……So he too is part of the problem. Plus the policies that led to 200 ramp workers in Denver either calling off or quitting…..which began the meltdown.

I will suggest that if you need a decent discount airline that flies from secondary airports, that you check out Allegient. Be aware that you pay extra for everything….bags, drinks, snacks, etc) but the price of the ticket is low and the service and operations are decent…the value is pretty good, all told.

Am somewhat unsympathetic

A bunch of people got stranded in their cars, apparently some froze to death after being trapped for 2 days during the pre-Christmas winter storm.

I gotta say, that’s Darwin at work.

Firstly, there was no way that you could NOT know the conditions. “Forewarned is forearmed” , and there was plenty of warning…for DAYS before.

Secondly, while it might get cold in the car, if one is sheltered from the wind and has decent clothing, you won’t freeze to death even if the car isn’t running, even in -30 temperatures. It ain’t gonna be fun and it ain’t gonna be comfortable, but if the car is closed and the wind is kept out, and you have any decent clothing, you ain’t gonna freeze,…Plus, with a bit of management (and some intelligence), you can keep a car warm enough running it a few times an hour for days on a half tank of gas…And if you let your gas get lower than that while driving in storm conditions, then you are part of the problem…

Blaming the storm for these deaths is wrong. Blaming the folks travelling into the blizzard conditions with no preparations is more realistic.


When I ran the motel, I cannot count how many folks were rescued, having left Mississippi or such in a car that most of us wouldn’t feel safe to drive across town, carrying their family dressed in hoodies and maybe windbreakers to Wisconsin with a half tank of gas with bald tires and low oil….into blizzard conditions so they could see Aunt Josie or whatever….Sometimes you gotta be smart enough to stay home.


On this Christmas Evening

Please take a moment to think of those folks, especially our military, who are unable to be home with family and friends.

Appreciate the sacrifices they make so you can celebrate in peace and security.


It’s nice to see traditions continue

So I was invited to my brother’s house for dinner this Christmas eve. He had the family traditional meal: Carne con chile, rice, refried beans, tortillas and enchiladas. The same meal I ate every Christmas eve at my parents house.

Since my parents are living far away, it was nice to have the touch of tradition. My brother and his wife, their two daughters and their significant others, and of course, one wayward uncle.

He did a pretty good job of following mom’s recipes as well.

It is nice to see traditions continue.

Merry Christmas, y’all.

‘Tis sad

Fred the Feral Cat is cold….

And, today, is more feral than most times.

I can’t bring him in with the other cats until I can get a health check, and I can’t do that until I can pick him up. Which he won’t allow.

He returned this morning from wherever he spent last night, cold and unhappy. And ate when I gave him food, but was very wary. Drank a bunch of water as well. It is about zero F outside, but the wind is much less.

He was in the shelter I made for him (which has a heated pad in it) until I opened the door about 10 AM to shovel off the back deck. Then he got all squirrely and ran away…then returned to be close, but wouldn’t enter the shelter and wouldn’t let me touch him. I can’t do more to help him, and he’s unhappy and cold. He’s currently hiding under the deck. Cold.

But that is of his own making, All I can do is what I can do…..”Some Men (and critters) you just caint’ Reach”…so he is cold and less than happy…..

Funny, I don’t see them caring about the cities on the border…..

So Denver is “At the breaking point” having to deal with 1300 immigrants…..

That is less than what cities like El Paso, Del Rio and other border cities deal with in a single day.

But the folks in Denver keep voting for Blue politicians who vote for open borders, who create the problems they are complaining about…

If caring for a few thousand immigrants is hurting the city, then perhaps they can imagine what the folks in Arizona and New Mexico and Texas deal with every day….

I hope those border cities ship places like Denver their share of illegal border crossers. I’d gladly contribute to the costs of the busses for that.