And yet it be de White Man’s fault

that the coronavirus is striking the African American community harder than the whites (or the Hipanics, the asians, the Hindus or the Muslims….)

Of course, things like THIS house party couldn’t have anything to do with their higher infection rate, could it?

My sources in the CPD tell me that, while this gathering of almost 1500 people on the city’s South Side was larger than most, they break up 10-15 such parties every night, more on weekends….Over and over and over. No one ever has any masks, they are packed shoulder to shoulder and there is no such thing as “Social Distancing”…. They (the cops) are told to do everything they can to not arrest people, as the city doesn’t want them in the jails…and the crowds know that, so they are even more uncooperative than usual.

Parties like this don’t seem to be happening on the west and north sides. Oddly, the rates of infection seem to be lower there too.

But it be the White Man’s fault. Always.

“We Are All in this Together”

Social Engineering.

Have ya noticed the new meme?

“We Are All In This Together”.

Every ad, lots of signs…all saying The.Same.Thing.

Much like the Social Distancing signage that popped up IMMEDIATELY in large retailers when the whole “Stay At Home” bit happened…..Almost as if they had been forewarned, ya know?

The longer this goes on, the more and more I think that someone is orchestrating things.

I’m not saying that the Virus isn’t real, nor that folks are not dying, nor that this is not serious….it is.

I am saying that, while I seriously doubt the effectiveness of the whole Stay At Home and closure of our economy, things are kinda funny…almost as if there is someone or someones generating some direction as to the government message….almost like a campaign to keep the rest of us following their lead and compliant. And the oddities in what business is closed or limited and what is not….Some stores are ok, others are not (besides grocery stores). While many businesses are closed and a “public safety measure”, one can buy lottery tickets face to face nearly anywhere. Some places where people mingle are OK, others are not….One can still buy items at a Home Depot or other home improvement store, but not at a nursery…unless the nursery sells booze, food or lottery, then it is an “essential” business…..Liquor stores are ok, but shoe stores are not…..Why are some stores ok when others, with the same conditions for “Social Distancing”. are not?

The whole economic bailout: Almost as if the destruction of the economy and the subsequent bailout were designed to make people expect the Government to help……and make us more dependent economically, and more importantly, to make us more psychologically dependent….and increase our deficit…

Mask drives, (even though we were told they didn’t work, yet now anyone NOT wearing a mask is regarded as a paraiah)……and the whole drive for folks to make, and then donate masks to “the unfortunate” or the “underserved members of our community”….And, oddly, despite the crying and moaning that they were going to run out in the “Next Few Days” no health care facility is without N-95 masks…..Odd, that.
 Which leads to…
Funny, innit, how Nurses and Doctors are hailed as heroes, even though less than 10% will ever see a Coronavirus patient? (By the way, I do applaud the bravery of anyone who works with Infectious disease patients)…suddenly and yet simultaneously by all the Media…I have family that are in the health care field, and they are dedicated, but really, not heroes. If the Health Care Workers are Heroes, then so are cops, and  firemen and, of course, soldiers….but not to the media (at least not currently)…

There are a lot of similarities in the New Social messages we see to those of the second World War, only the medium has changed (video, and Facebook, etc instead of posters and print).

And, of course, “It’s the New Normal”…which means that things will be like this for a while…at least someone thinks so and wants us to plan for that….and is telling us so we will become accustomed to thinking that way….

And now the Media is starting to push ‘Vote By Mail”…a plan which, as currently structured, will be an open invitation to massive fraud.

Almost as if someone is doing some kind of Social Engineering on a large scale. As if we are being herded….

Yeah, I like my tinfoil doubled over, shiny side out.  So what? Doesn’t make me wrong, does it?


He’s gone entirely over the edge.
Colbert has gone totally to full on Trump-Hatred.

Not satire, which could, at times, be funny. No humor to mask it….not any more….

The mask is off,….this is full time Hatred, not even a bit of laughter or humor to mask it. Just full on, un-adulterated, complete Trump hating “Orange Man Bad” hat speech. Sad, really. And shrill, too. Like a woman, only with a deeper voice. 

I guess the Quarantine is getting to him.

I can’t wait to see what happens when Donnie gets re-elected.
3-7 his head explodes.

Who is losing their jobs?

Which folks at the Centers for Disease Control are going to get fired for “incompetence” (if that is what it is)?

The original excuse for the drastic actions, the reasoning that led to the shutdown of our economy, was that 6.6 million people would be dead within 6 weeks if we did not.
Then revised to 3.4M,
then 2.1M,
then 1.2M,
then 600K,
then 200K. (I may have missed a reduction in the revisions somewhere).
The tens of thousands of hospital beds needed….were never needed. The ventilators…..not needed. The shortages of beds and ventilators never materialized…because we did not have even 1% of the cases that were originally forecast. The extra beds in the convention centers were never needed. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent setting up extra medical centers that remained idle.

Even worse than the cost of the unneeded preparations is the cost to our economy. I believe that the percentage of unemployed US citizens is nearly 30% of our workforce.

This wasn’t a slightly high guess of cases…..this wasn’t a minor overshoot….this was a very nearly 99% overestimate. Not high by 20% or even 50%…by 99%. Even New York, the poster child for failure of isolation and “Social Distancing” protocol….missed the mark by well over 98%.

So who in the CDC will be fired? These folks are supposed to be the “experts”. If this is the best they can do (and in a situation like this, it SHOULD be the best they can do), then we need to find some real experts….not the crop of failures we have.
If we really need the CDC as it currently exists.

It is not even worth discussing the layers of incompetence within the WHO here at this time.

Stop the Rent!

Those damned greedy landlords.

There is  push in Chicago (and in many other cities, I am told) to “stop the rent”….Force the landlords to give their tenants a month or more of free rent.
(strangely, these folks sound just like the socialists that demand free heath care, free college, free medical care, free everything….)

These folks are demanding free rent…they claim they can’t pay it. They are getting, after less than 2 months off of work approximately 1.5 times the “normal” amount of unemployment pay, there are free food pantries all over the place. They had the gasoline for their vehicle to do the parade in protest…..And they had the electronics and data services to get them together to do the protest.

But they don’t have the money to pay their rent. Odd, that.

One wonders who is organizing this movement of the terribly poor and downtrodden folks

They also fail to realize that their landlord needs to pay his or her payment to their lender…or they simply don’t care.

These folks look like, and talk like, every other socialist….. “I deserve Free Shit” is the official cry of the “downtrodden”…

Why is this not “Price Gouging?

So bandanas on Amazon were $2.99-$3.49 2 weeks ago.

Today they are $7.99 each.

Yes, I understand, demand has gone up. Is this not still “Price Gouging” Pricing has doubled. Yet Amazon still allows them to be sold.

When it was Hand Sanitizer, and people were willing to pay even more for it, then it was “Price Gouging”.

Where, I ask you, is the point where marking up when demand increases vs price gouging when demand increases?.

ETA in response to comments:  I have 8 large bandannas already. But I thought I might get more. If you read me often, you will see posts in the recent past where I applauded those who chose to make a profit when they had supply and others a sudden demand….Those who are unprepared should pay for their failure in foresight. 
I agree that they (the vendors) can charge any price they want. But Amazon and other places pulled the Hand Sanitizer when it jumped in price for “Price Gouging”  when demand went up. I just fail to see the difference between that then and today with the bandannas. 

BTW, I ordered a 12 pack….

BTW, I don’t wear a mask, but I am finding places where it makes you stand out, so I thought I’d keep a bandanna in the pocket of each jacket and the car and the truck so I can blend in more, and have some so I can change them out and keep ’em clean. 

disproportionate impact

Everyone is getting in the game:
African Americans, of course

Black communities impacted disproportionately by Coronavirus.

Plus, of course, Latinos:

Latinos struggle during Coronavirus outbreak

And, of course, the LGBT community:

Gay bars struggle during coronavirus shutdown as LGBT people hve nowhere to socialize

Oddly, I could not find anything on Chinese people’s struggle, Indian people’s struggle, Native American’s nor white people as a whole.

But selected “Minorities” ….that’s different.

Everyone is struggling…some more than others. If you an undocumented worker, guess what? No unemployment. If you are overweight, diabetic or fail to distance yourself in you community then yeah, the virus is more likely to get ya.

I can’t really make a cogent comment on the poor gay folks who are now :socially isolated”…like straight whites and blacks and latinos as a group aren’t also having trouble meeting people now that the bars and churches and other social venues are shut down? WTF?

eh. Everyone is a victim….if they want to be. 

No longer needed:

(Hint: I never was…the ship was sent as a political move to calm the terrified mayor who bought the lies of the doomsayers)

Seems that the Comfort is leaving New York, as it has not treated many people….like 180 in 3 weeks.

Apparently, the NYC hospitals never got the surge of people. (And, really, had the worst case predictions happened in NYC, the Comfort would not have been that much help.

How much Federal money does moving the Comfort cost? How much to keep it staffed rather than in a lesser readiness state?

Cylinder news

The good news? I don’t have to try to get the  broken insert out of the inlet on the cylinder.

The bad news: I gotta cut off the elbow and replace it ’cause the it isn’t an insert. The whole shebang was one piece and it is done broke off. (Which explains why the easy-out didn’t work…)

The good news: I can get the part, cheap. Local too, or online for a few cents less and a 5 day wait.
The bad news:  I gotta cut the thing off the cylinder and grind the pocket, then weld it in place.

The bad news: the pivot bearing where the pin was broken is also cracked.
The good news, it too is relatively cheap, and it comes out with only a snap ring. Delivery is also easy, see above.

My local source of parts is, of course, the hydraulic shop. Parts are as cheap as online, probably better quality than online, and available now….

And he offered to fix the cylinder for parts cost and not much else and promised to give me a good deal and have it done in 3 or 4 days. And he will make a pin for cheap too. I can have the whole thing fixed for about 125% of my cost for parts….

Fuckit, Imma let him do it. I’m getting lazy.


If the Media wants to…you know, actually help people in this Coronavirus “crisis” (while they tell us how wonderful the hospital workers are, how bad this is for African Americans, how we should all stay home, how we are “all in this together”, while they misquote officials in manners that gin up fear and panic, while they warn us of food shortages while misquoting the industry experts, all the while chanting “orange man bad”…..)

They haven’t helped the country or its citizens one iota with all of this.

If they want to do something to help, they should push 2 things besides “Stay At Home”.

1. Wash Your Hands.

2. Wear the Mask Properly. Stop showing people (especially African Americans) wearing masks on their upper lip, not on or covering their nose. Wearing a mask improperly like that is as useless as a screen door on a submarine. I see lots of white folks and hispanics and asians wearing masks improperly….maybe 10% of the people I see. But African Americans almost exclusively wear their masks not covering their nose….And the media is trumpeting the fact that this disease is hitting them harder than the rest of us….But telling people to wear a mask properly (and showing them and explaining what “Properly” is) might go a long way towards actually helping…..
And showing people in their stories wearing masks incorrectly is certainly not helping.

If they’d push these teo things every program, every news broadcast, they’d certainly do something that the News Media has not done to date….help their viewers and actually make a difference.