And yet it be de White Man’s fault

that the coronavirus is striking the African American community harder than the whites (or the Hipanics, the asians, the Hindus or the Muslims….)

Of course, things like THIS house party couldn’t have anything to do with their higher infection rate, could it?

My sources in the CPD tell me that, while this gathering of almost 1500 people on the city’s South Side was larger than most, they break up 10-15 such parties every night, more on weekends….Over and over and over. No one ever has any masks, they are packed shoulder to shoulder and there is no such thing as “Social Distancing”…. They (the cops) are told to do everything they can to not arrest people, as the city doesn’t want them in the jails…and the crowds know that, so they are even more uncooperative than usual.

Parties like this don’t seem to be happening on the west and north sides. Oddly, the rates of infection seem to be lower there too.

But it be the White Man’s fault. Always.

3 thoughts on “And yet it be de White Man’s fault

  1. Sadly, the real racists in this country have made being born white a crime these days.

  2. Never mind the fact that hygiene is, like, #10… on their daily to-do lists…

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