“We Are All in this Together”

Social Engineering.

Have ya noticed the new meme?

“We Are All In This Together”.

Every ad, lots of signs…all saying The.Same.Thing.

Much like the Social Distancing signage that popped up IMMEDIATELY in large retailers when the whole “Stay At Home” bit happened…..Almost as if they had been forewarned, ya know?

The longer this goes on, the more and more I think that someone is orchestrating things.

I’m not saying that the Virus isn’t real, nor that folks are not dying, nor that this is not serious….it is.

I am saying that, while I seriously doubt the effectiveness of the whole Stay At Home and closure of our economy, things are kinda funny…almost as if there is someone or someones generating some direction as to the government message….almost like a campaign to keep the rest of us following their lead and compliant. And the oddities in what business is closed or limited and what is not….Some stores are ok, others are not (besides grocery stores). While many businesses are closed and a “public safety measure”, one can buy lottery tickets face to face nearly anywhere. Some places where people mingle are OK, others are not….One can still buy items at a Home Depot or other home improvement store, but not at a nursery…unless the nursery sells booze, food or lottery, then it is an “essential” business…..Liquor stores are ok, but shoe stores are not…..Why are some stores ok when others, with the same conditions for “Social Distancing”. are not?

The whole economic bailout: Almost as if the destruction of the economy and the subsequent bailout were designed to make people expect the Government to help……and make us more dependent economically, and more importantly, to make us more psychologically dependent….and increase our deficit…

Mask drives, (even though we were told they didn’t work, yet now anyone NOT wearing a mask is regarded as a paraiah)……and the whole drive for folks to make, and then donate masks to “the unfortunate” or the “underserved members of our community”….And, oddly, despite the crying and moaning that they were going to run out in the “Next Few Days” no health care facility is without N-95 masks…..Odd, that.
 Which leads to…
Funny, innit, how Nurses and Doctors are hailed as heroes, even though less than 10% will ever see a Coronavirus patient? (By the way, I do applaud the bravery of anyone who works with Infectious disease patients)…suddenly and yet simultaneously by all the Media…I have family that are in the health care field, and they are dedicated, but really, not heroes. If the Health Care Workers are Heroes, then so are cops, and  firemen and, of course, soldiers….but not to the media (at least not currently)…

There are a lot of similarities in the New Social messages we see to those of the second World War, only the medium has changed (video, and Facebook, etc instead of posters and print).

And, of course, “It’s the New Normal”…which means that things will be like this for a while…at least someone thinks so and wants us to plan for that….and is telling us so we will become accustomed to thinking that way….

And now the Media is starting to push ‘Vote By Mail”…a plan which, as currently structured, will be an open invitation to massive fraud.

Almost as if someone is doing some kind of Social Engineering on a large scale. As if we are being herded….

Yeah, I like my tinfoil doubled over, shiny side out.  So what? Doesn’t make me wrong, does it?

3 thoughts on ““We Are All in this Together”

  1. TANSTAAFL. Yeah, I 'member. No, just 'cause people tell you yer paranoid does not mean they're not all out to get ya.

  2. I suspect a lot of it is "taking advantage of a crisis". The opposition my be evil, but they aren't stupid.

    Last wee Mrs. Freeholder and I were out and about. We passed a large, well-known local shoe store. Closed. We passed a Dunkin' Donuts. Open. I remarked at Dunkin Donuts being an "essential business" while shoes and other clothing isn't. "It's food, so it's essential."

    My answer? I can do without donuts forever, but I can't do without shoes very easily.

    People aren't thinking this stuff through. And they won't, either, until it's too late.

  3. Yeah, that conversation has happened in my house. Sure is something, all these people saying it.. And exactly WHO is The AD Council? Why are my TAX dollars being spent to herd me along like yet another brain dead bovine?
    One thing to remember about those times when
    Things don't make sense..
    Thats when they make Cents for someone else.

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