Cylinder news

The good news? I don’t have to try to get the  broken insert out of the inlet on the cylinder.

The bad news: I gotta cut off the elbow and replace it ’cause the it isn’t an insert. The whole shebang was one piece and it is done broke off. (Which explains why the easy-out didn’t work…)

The good news: I can get the part, cheap. Local too, or online for a few cents less and a 5 day wait.
The bad news:  I gotta cut the thing off the cylinder and grind the pocket, then weld it in place.

The bad news: the pivot bearing where the pin was broken is also cracked.
The good news, it too is relatively cheap, and it comes out with only a snap ring. Delivery is also easy, see above.

My local source of parts is, of course, the hydraulic shop. Parts are as cheap as online, probably better quality than online, and available now….

And he offered to fix the cylinder for parts cost and not much else and promised to give me a good deal and have it done in 3 or 4 days. And he will make a pin for cheap too. I can have the whole thing fixed for about 125% of my cost for parts….

Fuckit, Imma let him do it. I’m getting lazy.

4 thoughts on “Cylinder news

  1. Well, that's good news considering all things. And the shop probably appreciates the work!

  2. Smoking deal!
    The best part is that it will be done right and you shouldn't have to worry about it after you get it back together.

  3. Yeah, I could have done it, but he has the jigs and the better tooling. Plus better access to the parts.

    and the cost isn't that much, so WTF.

  4. Using an Ez Out almost always involves two questions.
    First, "How do I use an Ez Out?"
    Second, "How do I remove a broken Ez Out?"

    Glad it worked out OK for you.
    We lived in our first house for about five years, and almost never parked across the street.
    During one of the very few times the Datsun pickup was in a spot across the street, a limb fell from a tree and dented the top of the bed.
    Still don't know what the truck did to upset the tree.

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