disproportionate impact

Everyone is getting in the game:
African Americans, of course

Black communities impacted disproportionately by Coronavirus.

Plus, of course, Latinos:

Latinos struggle during Coronavirus outbreak

And, of course, the LGBT community:

Gay bars struggle during coronavirus shutdown as LGBT people hve nowhere to socialize

Oddly, I could not find anything on Chinese people’s struggle, Indian people’s struggle, Native American’s nor white people as a whole.

But selected “Minorities” ….that’s different.

Everyone is struggling…some more than others. If you an undocumented worker, guess what? No unemployment. If you are overweight, diabetic or fail to distance yourself in you community then yeah, the virus is more likely to get ya.

I can’t really make a cogent comment on the poor gay folks who are now :socially isolated”…like straight whites and blacks and latinos as a group aren’t also having trouble meeting people now that the bars and churches and other social venues are shut down? WTF?

eh. Everyone is a victim….if they want to be.