Women never take responsibility for their actions, do they?

Tennessee cop-gone-wild Maegan Hall claims she was SEXUALLY GROOMED by ‘predator’ superiors in new lawsuit

Funny, she isn’t a child, she was mature enough to become a cop. (Lets face it, if her case is found to have merit, then every single decision, every single citation, every single charge that was laid in the course of her police career will be subject to review). She is 26 years old fer chrissake.

But she claims she was unable to make decisions about who (and how) she slept with …because she was “Groomed”.

If that is indeed true, then she makes the case for the belief that “women should not be let out in public without a keeper”….She was well past the milestone where we, as a society, have decided that people are adult enough to make their own decisions. If a single feminist sides with Ms Hall, then they destroy (once again) the claim that women are the equal of men.

Time and time again we hear the claim “I was pressured” “I was fooled”, ” I was taken advantage of”. Yer either an adult able to make your own decisions, or you aren’t. You can either say “No” or you can’t.

Ladies, you gotta pick one or the other. Adult and independent, or chattel?

So… A question:

Who get punished for all the censorship….the suppression of stories, the outright censorship in some cases….all those people who kept the lab leak story under wraps.

The media can do what it wishes, but our government officials called those of us who questioned the official stories such names as liar, conspiracy theorist, racist, etc. They spoke for the Governments and they apparently lied….And they are  not being punished for it. They mislead the American people (and the world),

Twitter, Facebook, etc. Lots of academics downplayed the idea, lots of reporters called anyone who suggested that the virus could have originated in a lab in Wuhan were “racists”… anti-Chinese, Anti-asian, etc.

It’s almost like the media was….directed…..to downplay such an idea. Even the Lancet called the idea that the virus could have come from the lab in Wuhan outrageous “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin” ……Demonstrating that “science” is no longer about science, but rather opinion, feelings and (most importantly) funding….just as journalism is no longer about the truth, but rather about the money and the RightSpeak.



Like we didn’t know that already:

Seems that the US government agencies are admitting what we have known all along: Covid DID leak from the lab. Finally, some people are admitting what was suspected all along.

It wasn’t bats from hundred of miles away, it wasn’t a “Wet Market”, it wasn’t  space aliens. It was a leak from the lab…..as any of us “Conspiracy Theorists” have been telling the rest.

Now we have yet another department of the US Government who is willing to tell the truth rather than try and protect the Chinese.

Covid DID leak from Wuhan virus lab, Energy Department concludes: Bombshell new intelligence dismisses animal origin theory and says virus escape was likely accidental

I’m beginning to think that the “leaders” in Washington are starting to expect a war with China and/or are no longer being paid…..so they are no longer suppressing the truth to try and keep China from looking bad.


Now if they’d just tell the real truth about the overreaction to Covid and how Pfizer made tons of money they should not have with an ineffective “Vaccine” that didn’t work as promised….


Dropping a comic strip for asking the hard questions

Seems that the Dilbert comic strip author Scott Adams pissed people off when he asked the hard questions and made statements that, while no one has refuted, find somewhat unpalatable.

Newspaper comic strip “Dilbert” gets canceled after its creator is branded racist

Speaking the truth will get you called Racist. Funny how that works, innit?


But Scott Adams is worth over $70 Million, so he doesn’t care and doesn’t have to be quiet and skirt around the truth.

Funny, we fence dangerous bulls and leash aggressive dogs

And we do so for a good reason…to protect society.

But a dangerous child? Oh, no, god forbid we prevent him from being a danger to the rest of society.

6’6″ thug, 17, who had to be dragged off unconscious female teaching aide who he knocked out for confiscating his Nintendo Switch

He beat his teacher unconscious and was hauled off to jail by cops (until they could figure out how else to handle him)…and an advocate claims he should have been treated differently….

While I do think folks with behavioral and emotional issues should not be jailed, and we, as a society need to show some compassion for them, I also do not think they should be in places where their outburst can bring harm to others. They need to be institutionalized to some degree, if only for the safety of others. I’m not unsympathetic to his plight, but at some point, you gotta realize that that big of a man, with emotional issues, is a danger to others.

His parents had him living in a “Group Home” because they couldn’t handle him.

And you’ll notice that the loudmouth “Mental Health Advocate” isn’t offering to take charge of this 17 year old, nearly 270 lb ,violent, emotionally disturbed kid….



When it comes to demonstrating the lack of caring and a surfeit of incompetence….

I think that Pete Buttigieg is the poster boy…..a perfect example of the incompetence and lack of caring  and just plain failure that exemplifies the current administration.

While Pete was apparently a good administrator as Mayor of South Bend, he simply doesn’t give a shit anymore now that his political career is over….having been given a position in the Biden administration to buy him off from running for President  ,…he is too busy playing house with his husband and artificially created children to do his part in actually, you know, making the Dept. of Transportation do it’s job for the American people.

As the Spokesman for Slow Joe, he is exemplifying the lack of caring and compassion that Biden and his administration have for anyone in Middle America. They can’t even pretend to give a shit.