So… A question:

Who get punished for all the censorship….the suppression of stories, the outright censorship in some cases….all those people who kept the lab leak story under wraps.

The media can do what it wishes, but our government officials called those of us who questioned the official stories such names as liar, conspiracy theorist, racist, etc. They spoke for the Governments and they apparently lied….And they are  not being punished for it. They mislead the American people (and the world),

Twitter, Facebook, etc. Lots of academics downplayed the idea, lots of reporters called anyone who suggested that the virus could have originated in a lab in Wuhan were “racists”… anti-Chinese, Anti-asian, etc.

It’s almost like the media was….directed… downplay such an idea. Even the Lancet called the idea that the virus could have come from the lab in Wuhan outrageous “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin” ……Demonstrating that “science” is no longer about science, but rather opinion, feelings and (most importantly) funding….just as journalism is no longer about the truth, but rather about the money and the RightSpeak.



3 thoughts on “So… A question:

  1. you have to realize that “the media” is not the “free press” you were taught about in school. the media is not even a news business. it is a propaganda machine owned by the oligarchs. as such they have no duty to fairly report anything, nor to tell the truth about anything, nor even to tell you about anything. and they don’t care about subscriptions or making a profit. its an expense of doing business, the business of power.

  2. The people who threw out those epithets have real names and actual addresses.

    Someday, probably five minutes too late, they’ll realize other people have caught on to that flaw in their plans.

    Someday cannot come soon enough.

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