Like we didn’t know that already:

Seems that the US government agencies are admitting what we have known all along: Covid DID leak from the lab. Finally, some people are admitting what was suspected all along.

It wasn’t bats from hundred of miles away, it wasn’t a “Wet Market”, it wasn’t  space aliens. It was a leak from the lab… any of us “Conspiracy Theorists” have been telling the rest.

Now we have yet another department of the US Government who is willing to tell the truth rather than try and protect the Chinese.

Covid DID leak from Wuhan virus lab, Energy Department concludes: Bombshell new intelligence dismisses animal origin theory and says virus escape was likely accidental

I’m beginning to think that the “leaders” in Washington are starting to expect a war with China and/or are no longer being paid… they are no longer suppressing the truth to try and keep China from looking bad.


Now if they’d just tell the real truth about the overreaction to Covid and how Pfizer made tons of money they should not have with an ineffective “Vaccine” that didn’t work as promised….


5 thoughts on “Like we didn’t know that already:

  1. “Leak from the lab” includes the Wet Market.

    Wang makes $5/week. His job is incinerating infected rabbits at the lab. He has 20 rabbits to toss in the burn furnace. Know Jack and Squat about microbiology, they look fine to him, so why toss a perfectly good rabbit?
    Instead, he sells them at the Wet Market for a buck apiece.

    Lab is happy: rabbits are gone.
    Market is happy: cheap rabbits, bigger profits.
    Wang is happy: extra $20 in his pocket.

    Nobody finds out the Kung Flu escaped the lab until a month later, with no way to pin it on any one person.

    That’s still a “lab leak”.
    And one of the shortest distances between the Wuhan lab and 8B people.

  2. which begs the immediate question of why now? they just passed laws to follow w.h.o. protocol no matter what the people say and blocked doctors from using scripts off label unless approved by them…..have you noticed how quickly tptb pivoted from russia russia russia to china china china? biden backtracked on providing uk w/ f-16’s too.

  3. Not a leak. A deliberate release. The American Communist Party nee Demonrats conspired with the Chinese Communist Party to release this minimally dangerous virus to use as an excuse to force “mail in voting” to be allowed. This change in election law gave the DNC the ability to cheat at an unprecedented level allowing them to now preselect the winner of ANY electoral race they choose. It’s the ONLY way that walking brain donor Pedo Joe could have possibly been installed as Potus…..INSTALLED….like a TOILET. This will go down in history as one of the most heinous political plots ever conceived and implemented..

    • Never ascribe to deliberate malice that which is adequately explained by simple incompetence.

      What happened after it got out of the lab, and spread worldwide through normal commerce, however, is an entirely different story, one best explained by “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

      Also, you shouldn’t conflate Part A with Part B.
      It breaks the “Double Mumbo Jumbo” Rule.
      Which is why Harry Potter will never meet Spiderman or Doctor Strange in a movie.

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