WIll we hear cries of “racism”?

Or perhaps “Asian Hate”?

I mean, when President Trump blocked travel at the start of the worldwide Covid outbreak, there were cries of “racism”……all from the Liberal side of our government and the Media (but i repeat myself there at the last).


Will the Media accuse Biden of Asian Hate or Racism for blocking tavel from India? (like he did when Trump banned travel in 2020)


I will bet the price of good lunch to the charity of your choice that the Media and the Liberal government folks will stay quiet this time…..

Have you ever noticed

That Liberals, like nearly all women, cannot admit that they screwed up? I’m beginning to think it is a diease of the mind. Probably caused by a bad Testosterone/Estrogen ratio….

They have to twist things to include everyone rather than just take the responsibility themselves, or call it “racism” or “Mysogeny” or somehow spread the blame for their screwups.

a question for the Liberals:

How many dollars is a “fair share” when it comes to taxes?

I mean, the “Rich” (upper 5%) pay better than 60% of tax dollars, last time I checked….


So how much, exactly, is a “fair share”?

Please, be specific.

And why is it so bad for CEO’s to make really good money for their responsibilities and abilities to run a company, but it is never mentioned thatProfessional athletes and musicians (especially Rap musicians) get paid so much for THEIR abilities…..

All of the above groups have abilities above and byond us “normal” folks. I can’t rap worth a damn, nor can I toss a football that well, nor can I run a multi billion dollar company as well as those folks….and I don’t get paid as much as any of them. Are we gonna limit the pay for professional athletes to not more than 100 times that of the average ticket buyer? Rap artists to not more than 50 times that of the average music buyer? How about we limit the advertising money paid by Nike to these athletes to not more that 75 times that of the average sneaker purchasers yearly wage?


Apparently, to bring jobs back to the United States, (Jobs like making Windmill blades and battery manufacturing and, apprently computer chips) he’s gonna either get rid of, or at least cut back on the EPA….

At least I ssume he is aware that EPA regulations are one of the major reasons that such manufacturing is done in China….


But I’m not sure exactly how much of the policy changes he was advocating he was actually aware of…..I saw an awful lot of confusion in his delivery, almost as if he was just parroting the words someone had written for him.

Either that, or he was suffering form a worse-than-usual episode of dementia…..

You pick.




“There are many situations where fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask”

WTF? If i the Covid shot is effective, then why would a person who ahs had the shot need to EVER wear a mask…indoors or out.

I mean, if I am truly “vaccinated” then I can’t get the disease….and if I can’t get it, then I can’t pass it on.

So why would a “vaccinated” person have any use for a mask to either protect them from others with Covid, or to protect others from them?

Someone either doesn’t understand logic or knows that something isn’t what they’ve been telling us.


But if it is not approved in the US…

Then why does the United Stes Government HAVE 60 Million doses of the Astra Zeneca developed Covid-19 “vaccine” to “Share” with India? Why did they buy it in the first place?

I mean, since our FDA never approved that form of Covid shot for use in the United States (and upon it’s citizens and residents, legal or no) then why did the US Government purchase 60 million doses...and if it isn’t safe enough for the folks in this country, then why is it safe enough for those smaller brownish people on the other side of the world? Isn’t that racist? Don’t  Asian Brown Lives Matter?



Remember, it is racist to require an ID to vote

Because somehow, Black People are not intelligent enough to get an ID…so requiring one is discriminatory….

And remember, Black Lives Matter.

And we are told that the Wuhan Flu is impacting our Black community harder and out of proportion compared to the Whites community…

But yet, oddly, in nearly every state all the vaccination sites REQUIRE an ID to get the Covid Jab……

How racist.

So they need special treatment

Listening to the “News” this morning, I was kinda surprised to hear (on CBS) that “Police need to understand Black Men better….and understand that their first instinct is to run away….and they can’t help themselves….and police need to take that into account when they run or struggle”

WTF? I’v been (ahem) “Detained”….And yes, when approached, MY first instinct was to run…..yet, not being an animal I chose not to do so in order to Not Make Things Worse…..Nor did I resist either….

But, apparently, Black Men are unable to control their urges….and therefore are special and need special treatment? Are more animal like? Less civilized? Perhaps more unstable? Some of this is true for SOME individuals, but we can’t let that be a part of hiring decisions, but cops gotta treat Black Men differently even though we are all the same and all equal…..Funny how that works, innit?

Much like the statements that “Black kids threaten each other with knives all the time”….so that is “normal” and we are just supposed to accept that…and that is an excuse for why a cop should not shoot to protect others from the person wielding the knife…..Excuses for uncivilized behavior so they can blame the cops instead of the miscreant.

Enojugh of this bullshit…either people with African ancestry are civilized people able to control their emotions and urges….or they are animals. You can’t have it both ways….or even half-way. One or the other. Civilized or animal.

Pick one

She’s shocked, shocked, I tells ya


(See note at bottom of post)

Seems that the US taxpayers are buying copies of a childrens book written by Kamala Harris and are distributing thousands of them to our “undocumented immigrant” children….

(found here)

Ms Harris was “Unaware” (or so she says) that the books, purchased at full price, of course, were being distributed to the child invaders…

So not only are we paying for the care and feeding and transportation of these children, but now we are enriching an illegitimate VP. She wasn’t content to steal an election, now she has to be enriching herlself in other ways (at taxpayer expense) as well.

Does anyone really think that she was “Unaware” of the sale of tens of thousands of her books? Or that that choice of books was a random choice by the CBP?

And all the DNC types kept looking for Graft in the Trump administration…Methinks it was a case of Projection by the Dems, as we see them find ways for graft so easily…..This is vaguely reminiscent of the Debacle (and subsequent conviction) of Catherine Pugh…..


ETA 4/28/21: Just to set the record straight:  Apprently the story has changed and the original news article, after fact checking, is untrue, or that the original story cannot be substantiated. Sometimes Confirmation Bias even get me.