You gotta feel sorry

For the folks in Minneapolis.

The waiting.

Knowing that no matter how the verdict goes, it will be used as an excuse for riots and “asset redistirbution” and burning.

Pretty much also at any larger city.

Whoever is orchestrating this is doing terrible damage to the way that Black people are looked upon by their fellow citizens.

Armed terrorists shoot at authorities:


The real start of our country…..

Happened on this day in 1775 in the region of Concord, Mass. There is a reason it is called “Patriots Day” in some places….

This was the real start of the Revolution that became the movement that became the United States.

Fine, upstanding citizens stood up and said “No” to the heavy hand of the British.

(And they used the “Assault Weapon” of the day). Think about it….

As you read this

28 years ago today:

The FBI, with the full agreement and support of the United States Attorney Gneral and President, are attacking the Branch Davidian compound without regards to damages to the occupants.

76 people burned to death that day. While the Federal Agents watched.

Remember this day. THe Federal Government, to cover up terrible mistakes by the ATF, killed 76 people….Radical Christians, perhaps, but citizens of the United States, nonetheless.

And, sadly, none of the Federal Agents involved were in any way censured or punsihed.

Those responsible should have been shot.

Why should they bother?

So I listened to someone in a group I was with today tell everyone that the Covid shot was implanting a GPS tracker in each and every person that would enable the feds to track the recioient for the next 5 years…..on and on and on. (I’m not a propenent of the Covid shot, but I can’t stand stupid (and undeucated) conspiracy bullshit)

So finally I couldn’t help myself:

“Leaving the technological issues of the size of current “tracking devices” (about a grain of rice just for the RFID stuff) and battery life (for 5 years) and the fact that current RFID stuff doesn’t transmit a GPS location, you gotta ask yourself, why would they bother?”

“What do you mean?….they need to track us”

“I’m not saying that they do or don’t need to track us…but they already can track you”

“How can they do that? I didn’t get the shot”

“You carry a tracking device around with you all day every day…that cell phone that you have in your purse…”

The silence was very loud.

As you read this:

Remember that 28 years ago the FBI (under Janet Reno) is beginning their preparations to assault David Koresh and  the Branch Davidian compound outside of Waco to finish what the BATF fumblers started.

Is your church BATF(e) approved?

Remember, it could happen to you and yours if they choose. Whatcha gonna do if they decide your lifestyle (and firearms) are unacceptable?

Was the date accidental?

Or is the Harris Biden Administraten just plain stupid?

Sept 11th? Really?

Biden announces troops will leave Afghanistan by September 11

I mean, Yes, it is the 20th anniversary of the attacks. But really, I see it as an insult rather than a good idea. A sign of weakness using that date. Almost like a surrender.

But then again, I don’t look for symbolism in everything. Just get it done, or don’t. But Sept 11th for the final withdrawl dateis a really bad symbol. if you ask me.

I’m all for pulling the troops. They shouldn’t have been there after the first few months, certainly not once Bin Laden was no longer an issue….I too believe it has been a colossal waste, but then again, I am not the President…… In less than a year, Afghanistan will return to the shithole it was before. In 5 years, it will be as bad as it was before the Russians tried there.



Double standards (yet again)

Odd… I thought we were all offered “Equal Protection Under the Law”.


Yet the officer (still not named) who shot Ashli Babbitt will not be charged. (Remember, she was in the Capitol building, but was unarmed and not a threat to anyone at the time of her shooting….) Note: Ms Babbitt is white….

But ther are Maslaughter charges agains the officer who shot a man who was resisting arrest on a warrant.…(his nme was Duante Wright…Her name is Kim Potter….He, of course, was black. She has been charged…..and will stand trial. He was resisting arrest….she made a mistake.  But she is white and he is black.

Does Color make a difference here? I believe so. Politics? Yes.

Disparity? definitely…. Double standards? Absolutely. Are the circumstances the same? No, not exactly. But close enough to show the unfairness and political differences that drive our “Justice” system.

If yer gonna charge one (and I could argue either way) then charge the other…..but fer Chrissake, lets have some standards.