How many extra Secret Service

Personnel will be assigned to Chelsea’s wedding?

I mean, It’s Bill Clinton gonna be there…..How many SS agents will it take to keep him from doing something stupid with one of her bridesmaids?

I have unconfirmed reports that the wedding invitations requested “No blue dresses”. Also, reports are that people are discouraged from standing between Bill and Hillary, for fear that they will freeze to death….

My best wishes to Chelsea and Marc…..


Told ya they’d keep trying.

However: I see this as good news….It means that at least someone in the government must think that the AZ law sill be upheld, despite the activist judge who put a hold on it until it is adjudicated by a court……and, of course, the myriad appeals which will follow….(seriously, while her arguments were stupid and poorly thought out, I think that she had good reason to put a stay on the law until it IS reviewed by a court) ….if they didn’t feel that it would be upheld, then they wouldn’t be making contingency plans to get around the resultant issues.

So I see this as good news. My thought is that the Administration and the DNC (but I repeat myself) are just hoping that this is held off until after the elections before there is any decision.

943 jobs

created yesterday….

I may not be as good as Barry, but I don’t have his staff to help me make up numbers either…….

Us VS “Them”

Who is the “Us”?? That would be those who believe against statism, and for states rights. Those who believe in the rule of law, and that the law should be followed, not ignored. We believe that if the law needs changing to meet new conditions, then we have procedures in place to do so, and we should follow those procedures, not allow the laws to be ignored by some part of the government, nor should that same government be allowed to force the non enforcement of a law, either through a presidential decree, nor through the courts. Those of us who believe that the government should worry about national security, and police, and fire protection, and not about paying unproductive and shortsighted people to do less. Those of us who believe in less government, not more..Those of us who believe in getting ahead by working, and taking charge of our life, not taking what the government gives us and asking for more but never doing anything to personally improve our lives….Those of us who believe that to be a citizen is a right, but one which comes with an obligation to give to the country, not just take….

“Them” would be those who disagree….Those who would flaunt their failure to follow the law. Those who care less for the country and the welfare of its citizens than the welfare of those outside the country, and who illegally enter its borders and who do not contribute to the system. Those who think that human rights trump the rights of the citizens of this country, and who would hurt those who make this country great in order to help those who failed to do so in their own country. “Them” would be those who feel that the greatness of the US is not the citizens, but rather the leaders and the “State”, and who would do anything to make themselves be the leaders (and those folks who support such misguided fools). Those who would use anything to stay in power, even to the point of weakening their country in order to make “the end justify the means” ….Those who would not raise the “downtrodden” by giving them the means and opportunity  to succeed or fail on their own, but rather by tearing down the very people who have made this country great though their own hard work and efforts. Who would rather level the playing field by shaving off the high spots instead of filling in the low spots.

Over at Tams, there is a discussion as to whether the issue of illegal immigration is the point of conflict which will be divisive enough. I say yes, it has the potential to be. I also suggest that this could lead to civil war, as the Statists reach too far, and the rest of us (the productive bill paying 52%  of the citizens that are really paying the bills for the country) soon stand up and cry “ENOUGH!”.

This may well be the thing that sparks the fire.

I sincerely hope not….I hope that fire never ignites. But the fuel is stacked, and the conflagration will happen if we are not careful.

They think that we “Tea Party” and “country folk” her in flyover country are mean spirited, and they accuse us of being violent. They have no idea of the kind of violence we law abiding citizens are capable of, but which we seldom ever let escape the leash of decency by which we hold it in check.  They haven’t seen the kind of violence which awaits them if and when the spark ignites the differences in the country. I hope that no one ever sees that.  But I think it is coming….if not this issue, then the next.

God help us (and “Them”!) and the rest of the country when it does.

Another example from where Great Britain used to be….

Some people don’t understand what war, and fighting in general, is all about.

Kill people, break things, in larger numbers than your opponent, until such time as he is orced to give up the fight.

If this offends the other side, too bad. If they really really don’t like it, even better. If it makes them uncomfortable enough to give up the fight earlier, then more power to the fighters who are making them unhappy. You can’t kill people in wholesale lots and yet be “culturally sensetive” at the same time.

But then again, true warriors make the weenies feel , well, kinda scared and weak kneed, and causes them to have to change their undewear more often. And it is thesse weenies who weaken the nation, and hobble the warriors in their mission. Niceness has no place in war. Horably killing the enemy does, but in the end, you ARE killing them. IF the condition of the body is not to the liking of his survivors, well, as the saying goes…..”Don’t want none? Don’t bring none.” The folks fighting against the coalition in Afghanistan seem to have less respect for our warriors than ours do for theirs…..So if occasionally someone on our side does something that they don’t like with one of their dead, then that should be a lesson to them as well. I don’t see where they have taken the time to worry about our cultural sensetivities when the blow themselves up in a crowd, or behead or mutilate folks on our side. And, to be honest, they seem to feel any worries we might have about offending them on our part as weakness.

Via Scotty: Seems that Lawdog agrees:

Yep,,, What he said

’cause, you know….He’s right.

“Now, if those True Believers would give up their cars and big homes and truly change the way they live, I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be some measurable impact on the Earth in just a few short years. I’m not talking about recycling Evian bottles, but truly simplifying their lives. Even if you were, say, a former Vice President, you would give up extra homes and jets and limos. I see communes with organic farms and lives freed from polluting technology.”

Simple, ain’t it?

Wise words

Perhaps Barry should apply this to nearly any of his endeavors:

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it”

Douglas MacArthur, 1952