We should send him home

So he can tell the rest of the kiddies about how bad his trip to the US was.

Little fucker needs to be deported and tossed off of the train which brought him here.

But then again, I am a softie at heart. Others I know would just shoot the ungrateful little bastard.

(Notice there is no discussion of a father at his new home.)

Only got fed twice a day…and ham sandwiches at that. Mebbe you should have stayed home Young Saul.

(and just who are the members of the “Congressional Panel” who heard his testimony and what powers do they have, anyway?) Can they do anything, or are they just wasting money hearing sob stories to gin up  publicity and sympathy for the ungrateful little urchins)

(via Wirecutter)

Tactical Tommy

So Friday, we are at the bowling alley, practicing to get the arm and such in shape because league starts on a few weeks.

Standing at the counter is a security guard:  a local cop.

Dude has a tactical vest on, with the front pockets filled with magazines and a bunch of unidentifiable stuff. 2 pockets held Glock mags, which made sense because he had a Glock on his hip.

Three other pockets held what appeared to be AR 30 round magazines…..Plastic ones with the old style fabric pull tab on the bottom.

Being the inquisitive sort of dude that I am, I asked him….”Are those AR magazines?”


“Why carry all that weight if you don’t have an AR on your shoulder? I mean, yer in a Bowling Alley

“The AR is in the car, and I need to have the spare mags handy on my vest if/when if I need ’em.” (the car was 150 feet away, through 2 sets of doors)

I think he just wanted to impress all the 14 year old kids that come there on Friday evenings on the summer.

So, any bets?

I mean, since DC is now “Constitutional Carry” I wonder how soon anarchy will roam the environs of the city….How red will the streets run? How many thousands upon thousands will dies from being gunned down in the streets?

Or are you, like me, of the opinion that there will be little (if any) effect….Might be a small reduction in crime, rather than the above.

Either way, hearing the lamentations of the Liberals is gratifying. 

There will come a day

When history will revile the name of Barack Obama and no one will want to be remembered as voting for him, working with him, or ever having known him. The damage he is doing to the country, the economy of the United States, our military preparedness, to the security of our borders (and all the implications for terrorism that that implies), to our relations with our allies, and to the culture of the people of this country will someday make him the most despised president ever. There will come a time when people will not admit to supporting him….when they will sell the cars upon which they placed “Obama” bumper stickers for fear of retribution.

At first I thought it was incompetence or naivete that led to the terrible things he did/has done to our country. No more. I am coming to believe that his actions and the actions of his supporters are a series of actions which indicate that there is a plan to harm both the country as a whole and the citizens upon which its strength resides. Now, I wonder if he was, in fact, placed where he is by our adversaries to facilitate damaging our country and economy.

If he continues as he has, until 2016, without the Legislature stopping him, he will, as he has promised, “Fundamentally transform America”…..at the expense of those citizens who are the lifeblood and the strength of this country. Further, he will have weakened “America” to the point where she will no longer be able to defend herself against her neighbors or adversaries.

I have no issues with a person whose philosophy is different than mine, so long as they wish to keep the US strong and vibrant we can agree on many things, to disagree.  Not so Barry Soetoro. I believe he hates the US and wishes to destroy this country. I am not so sure his published past is a true story, and, while I realize this sounds fairly tinfoil,  sometimes think that if I were an enemy of the US I could not find a person who could have done more damage from within than he has.

Remember, Rome fell not because of the barbarians outside of the gates, but from within. When the barbarians came, they found the gates already open.

Rant over.

So Brigid wrote a book:

HERE is the link..

Now I am sadly late in writing about this, and the book is currently sold out, but I have some knowledge of some of the stories, and I knew Barkley for a few years….And I can tell you that Brigid’s writing will make him come alive in your mind’s eye. It’ll be back in stock soon so you should order it to get in the que for shipping.

Order it. You’ll be glad you did.


Watching CBS news, you’d think that the “Palestinians” were all sitting there and drinking tea while singing Kumbayah” and holding hands and praying for world peace when Israel suddenly sent rockets and artillery into their midst for no reason.

No bias there, is there?

I mean, no mention of the rockets fired from “Palestine” by Hamas…Of course, we got pictures of women and especially children bleeding and such…and photos of school that was destroyed by Israel fire (no mention of the fact that the school courtyard was where the Hamas rockets were fired into Israel).

Didn’t even know we dodged a bullet, did you?

Apparently, 2 years ago, we narrowly (by like a week) missed having our electrical infrastructure fried by another “Carrington event

Thing is, you don’t realize exactly how much of your daily life would be affected were the electrical grid to fail due to a solar storm. No Food after about a week. No gasoline for your generator (if you have one)….no money (you get paid with, and pay your bills via electronic money…If the bank has no electricity to power the computers, they can neither make withdrawals OR deposits. You paycheck is just so much paper for them……Your Visa card, ATM card and your debit card are just pieces of plastic…… The store where you get food has no registers, and no inventory control, so they don’t have any idea what to order, and the distribution warehouse isn’t getting either new shipments nor making any shipments because they can’t keep track of what goes where nor what they have in inventory…..and there isn’t any fuel for the trucks to deliver because fuel is moved through the pipeline and pumped to the truck by…..electricity. (Not to mention the fact that the billing for the fuel is also electronic, which ain’t working either.

The internet? Seriously. not there right now. House phones? Maybe, but unlikely. For sure no long distance. Cell phone network? Maybe, but probably not….besides, you can’t charge your phone anyway, so what does it matter?

Heat and air conditioning might matter depending on when it happens. But it won’t matter after a few weeks because you are gonna likely be too hungry to care. And thirsty too, because you either get your drinking and flushing water from either a municipal water supply (electric drives those pumps) or a private well (electricity again) The sewers are backed up if you live in a city anyway, so you will probably want to move out after a few weeks, but where to?

Yeah, we ans a nation will recover…but it’ll take about 2 years. Maybe more. And that assumes that the folks who supply those transformers and switchgear are still able begin making replacements immediately and don’t have infrastructure issues of their own.

Got food for your household a few months? (I do). Got fuel for your generator for at least that long? (I do, if I ration very carefully). Can you heat your house in the winter without power? (I can, but it won’t be pretty or comfortable).

Think about it. Be glad that it missed us and we didn’t even know it.  If it had hit, a lot of people would have died in the first 6 months.

You can prepare for this, up to a point. but only to a point. After enough time passes, you are living like your great great great great grandparents did, except that they knew how to live like that and you will have to learn….quickly.