We should send him home

So he can tell the rest of the kiddies about how bad his trip to the US was.

Little fucker needs to be deported and tossed off of the train which brought him here.

But then again, I am a softie at heart. Others I know would just shoot the ungrateful little bastard.

(Notice there is no discussion of a father at his new home.)

Only got fed twice a day…and ham sandwiches at that. Mebbe you should have stayed home Young Saul.

(and just who are the members of the “Congressional Panel” who heard his testimony and what powers do they have, anyway?) Can they do anything, or are they just wasting money hearing sob stories to gin up  publicity and sympathy for the ungrateful little urchins)

(via Wirecutter)

2 thoughts on “We should send him home

  1. He is starting school in September. Public tax payed school, in America, in September. Washington needs a good cleansing. I do like the ham sandwich part. I bet the muslims like them. What is wrong with turning them around and sending them right back???? I just don't get it. But then again, I am not a democrat.

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