Happy Easter

I hope you have friends and family to celebrate it with.



Please, remember why it is a holiday.


Think about those who are serving somewhere that can’t be home for Easter.

As once again, they demonstrate that they no longer care what you think:

And the mask comes off.

Outrage as Biden proclaims Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility’ – as White House BANS children from submitting religious-themed Easter egg designs at annual event for military families

Smearing Easter with this stain of Trans.


The egg thing is bad enough, but the absolute insult to the Christian holiday shocking.

Obviously the people pulling Biden’s strings no longer care…either they are sure that they can get him re-elected or they have decided that nothing they do can see him in the white house after this election, so whatever they do no longer matters.

I guess that it is part of Barry Obama’s “Fundamental transformation of America” the he promised..


On this date, in 1911, the iconic pistol that was designed by John Moses Browning was formally adopted.

Still one of the best designs out there, his creation was the platform that nearly all other semi-automatic pistols follow today.

Yes, lots of other designers built upon his work, but his was the first…Slide, tilting barrel, etc.

The “Pistol, Model of 1911” (and later the 1911A1) was used until 1985, when NATO pressure for the US to conform to the 9MM standard meant that another pistol was chosen (The Beretta 92) to replace it.

74 years of service. Not bad.

This makes Real ID a joke

So if you have an Indiana ID or Drivers license, you can renew your ID via the internet or via their unmanned kisosks…..just pay the $17.50 and get your new ID (with your old photo) but a new expirations date. They mail it to you. You can change everything but your first last name…weight, height, gender, eye color, hair color, etc. Of course, the photo that they have on file is what they will use for you if you don’t go to a License Branch.

Oddly, if you go into the License Branch to renew, they want a piece of mail to show that you live at that address and require that you pass the eye exam…but there is no exam if you renew online or via their self-serve kiosk….Which Of course, shows that a drivers license is not a check on your ability to drive a motor vehicle on the roads safely, but merely another tax upon the citizenry.

If you have a Real ID compliant Drivers License or Identification Card, then that Real ID carries over to your newly issued ID  that was renewed over the internet or the unattended machine…Same old photo,  just a different expiration date…Unless you wanna change your stats, including gender…

This shows that Real ID is a joke and a waste of time. There is no verification of anything when the renewal happens, and your photo will be at least 6 years old (if under 75)…What good id a Real ID if the data can be changed at any time, and if there is no check on the data used or placed on the card?


Questions for the Law Enforcement folks regarding the raids on Shawn Comb’s houses

Why was HomeLand Security (DHS) involved in the Raid on his houses?  Wouldn’t that be the purview of the FBI or the US Marshalls service? (at least , thank God, it wasn’t the ATF)          (ETA: This question is answered in comments )

What were they looking for? I mean, allegations of sex trafficking aside  (dude partied hard years ago, I got that, but today?) Was this just a reason to trash his house while fishing for some kind of incriminating evidence?

Who is the accuser? Was it his estranged girlfriend of 10 years? Is she credible?

And the real question is : Who did he piss off to get this treatment? Something just doesn’t add up. How did he anger the powers that be on the Left (The Left almost always uses some sort of Sex issue to damage those they are unhappy with: Trump, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby….all had accusations of some sort thrown at them. Often they were convicted in court EVEN AFTER THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS were well past…..It seems to be a tactic of the Leftists (and especially of the black Leftists)  to use such things to harass and eventually punish)

Is that what is happening here? I dunno, but it appears to be fitting the pattern we have seen in the past.


Things we already knew that the Left cannot fathom part CDLVII

Seems that studies have shown what most of us already knew….(unless you are Woke and Liberal)…..aside form people trying to be Hip and to be Trendsetters, the actual market for Electric Vehicles is pretty small….and it is tapped out about now.

Pretty much No One that doesn’t have a an electric vehicle today wants one one today.

The cost is too high and the efficiency just isn’t there, much less than promised….and the demand also isn’t there, despite tremendous incentives. 

Of course, anyone with a bit of sense (or any engineering or science knowledge) could see the truth about EV’s, but that is now coming to be seen even by liberals.




This is my shocked face….

So the truths about the response to the Covid “Pandemic” are slowly coming to light.

This report is damning: https://www.in.gov/attorneygeneral/files/Covid-Report_efile.pdf

The lies, the bad data, the overreported deaths and cases. The failure of the CDC (on both a National and a State level), as well has County Boards of Health to make sure that what was being reported was accurate and true, in order that  the responses could be evaluated using correct data……

It appears that most of the panic was ….well, overdone. Because the rates of death were (in Indiana, at least) overreported by about 12%. (quite possibly by in excess of 30%) Lots of cases of “Died WITH Covid” rather than “Died OF Covid….

The Positivity Rates were as anyone that understood statistics and sampling knew, AY overdone. Like 3-5 times more than reality due to the methodology of reporting. IN other words, the number of people testing positive was reported to be 3 to 5  times (possibly as much as 10 times) higher than reality.

Lots of folks knew this, and yet it was the current fashion to overreport, so they did, And they shouted down those of us who questioned the numbers. They told us to “Listen to the Public Health “Experts” even though they weren’t experts and had very little background in Public Health, but were, rather government lifers who did their work in a drone-like fashion and again, followed the trends rather than actually doing useful work keeping the public safe.

Christ, if an engineer like myself could clearly see the failures in their statistics and their modeling, as well as their methods of gather data, then it has to be really really poor methodology. Yet no pone listened to us, because it wasn’t the way of the trendy states nor the current fashion. Like Glowbal Warming, it matters only in how bad you say it is and is becoming, rather than the reality of how bad it really is. .

Yes, it is easy to go back and look at how things were handled after the “Crisis”  is over and armchair quarterback their decisions. But the thing is, these folks should have known, if they were, indeed, the “experts” that they are held out to be, that their data was false and inflated. Either they knew, and decided to go with the flow, or they are incompetent in their position and should be replaced. They had weeks and weeks to learn how badly they bungled things and to change direction….but they didn’t.

Our public health folks gave bad data to our legislators….who had to know the data was bad, and decisions affecting millions of our state’s citizens.


Out in nature

So I spent half the day hiking the dunes and the beach on the South Shore of Lake Michigan at the Dunes National Park. Part of the National Lakeshore.

Home of the “Singing Sands”…..No really. The sand grains are nearly perfectly spherical and squeak when you walk on them.

It was a brisk 35 degrees with an 18 knot gusting wind, but I dressed for it.

The scenery isn’t spectacular, but it was pretty.

(That’s about 2 1/2 miles of beach…there was another 4 or so behind me)

All told, about 11 miles of walking on sand (My legs are telling me that I either need to do that more often, or never again) partly in the woods along the trails at the top and backside of the dunes, and partly on the lakeshore. The elevations changes from the beach to the top of the dunes was about 90 ft and I went up and down quite a few times.

I saw a total of 3 people until I was in the parking lot getting ready to leave. The solitude there was very nice.

I did pick up about 2 cubic feet of trash, but really not a lot for how far I walked. Mostly balloons that had fallen from the sly and were half-buried in the sand. Not the usual amount of bottles and plastic trash. No Covid masks, either.

Only two pieces of beach glass.

‘Twas a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Good for the blood pressure and calming to the soul. Better and closer than if I had been in church,…Know what I mean?


It’s the Chicago Way

(Alternate Title: “Of course we can trust our elections! Why would you think otherwise?”)

“Bumbling” Chicago election officials ‘find’ 10,000 missing ballots in Democratic primary race for DA – with just 4,800 votes separating the candidates

Funny how that happens just as one candidate looks to be winning, innit? Kinda like Biden at 4 AM last  time around. 

Trust our system of elections.


“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

― Joseph Stalin