This makes Real ID a joke

So if you have an Indiana ID or Drivers license, you can renew your ID via the internet or via their unmanned kisosks…..just pay the $17.50 and get your new ID (with your old photo) but a new expirations date. They mail it to you. You can change everything but your first last name…weight, height, gender, eye color, hair color, etc. Of course, the photo that they have on file is what they will use for you if you don’t go to a License Branch.

Oddly, if you go into the License Branch to renew, they want a piece of mail to show that you live at that address and require that you pass the eye exam…but there is no exam if you renew online or via their self-serve kiosk….Which Of course, shows that a drivers license is not a check on your ability to drive a motor vehicle on the roads safely, but merely another tax upon the citizenry.

If you have a Real ID compliant Drivers License or Identification Card, then that Real ID carries over to your newly issued ID  that was renewed over the internet or the unattended machine…Same old photo,  just a different expiration date…Unless you wanna change your stats, including gender…

This shows that Real ID is a joke and a waste of time. There is no verification of anything when the renewal happens, and your photo will be at least 6 years old (if under 75)…What good id a Real ID if the data can be changed at any time, and if there is no check on the data used or placed on the card?


4 thoughts on “This makes Real ID a joke

  1. Georgia, too. What state doesn’t? Surely, there must be at least one that needs you to breathe on a spoon.
    The Feddies and even state “leadership” may be on board with Real ID, but the DMV, well the DMV is gonna do what the DMV is gonna do.

    What, you WANT to wake up to a horse’s head?

  2. “Real ID” is a con? Say it ain’t so!
    On the other hand, I ain’t getting any prettier, so if I still lived in Indiana I might do the online/mail renewal just to keep the 6-year-old picture.
    Sometimes you gotta look at the silver lining.

  3. I got a “Real ID” in California. You know; that place where at least thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS obtained “Real ID” licenses before the DMV found “a computer glitch” and “fixed it.” Really? You mean the way the recall and “re-election” of Gavin Newsom was “fixed?”

    I had to go to the DMV, provide a birth certificate, my mortgage bill, and the registration for my car to get the ID. Oh; and I had to pay a FEE. California LOVES fees. Meanwhile, a Mexican woman was taking the written test to get her driver license nearby. She was allowed to have someone help her with the test because, you see, she, well, needed help… even though the test was in Spanish… Try THAT as a straight, white, Christian American male.

    My wife, on the other hand, needed the bill and the registration, but not the birth certificate. And guess what; SHE WAS BORN IN MEXICO! She wasn’t even asked to provide PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP!!!

    The whole “Real ID” thing is a useless money grab anyway, as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DON’T NEED ONE TO BOARD A PLANE.

    My advice; don’t fly commercial…

    • Mostly, I fly myself anyway. Commercial sucks, Cheaper and faster than private flying, but less flexible. Plus no TSA when I go in my own.

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