Questions for the Law Enforcement folks regarding the raids on Shawn Comb’s houses

Why was HomeLand Security (DHS) involved in the Raid on his houses?  Wouldn’t that be the purview of the FBI or the US Marshalls service? (at least , thank God, it wasn’t the ATF)          (ETA: This question is answered in comments )

What were they looking for? I mean, allegations of sex trafficking aside  (dude partied hard years ago, I got that, but today?) Was this just a reason to trash his house while fishing for some kind of incriminating evidence?

Who is the accuser? Was it his estranged girlfriend of 10 years? Is she credible?

And the real question is : Who did he piss off to get this treatment? Something just doesn’t add up. How did he anger the powers that be on the Left (The Left almost always uses some sort of Sex issue to damage those they are unhappy with: Trump, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Bill Cosby….all had accusations of some sort thrown at them. Often they were convicted in court EVEN AFTER THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS were well past…..It seems to be a tactic of the Leftists (and especially of the black Leftists)  to use such things to harass and eventually punish)

Is that what is happening here? I dunno, but it appears to be fitting the pattern we have seen in the past.


7 thoughts on “Questions for the Law Enforcement folks regarding the raids on Shawn Comb’s houses

  1. Because Trump is CIC and in charge of the military operation that is ongoing. DHS reports to the military.

    • Er, Bob, “Trump is CIC…”

      I think you spelled “Jhiao Bribem” incorrectly.

    • +10 for Best Gibberish On The ‘Net.

      Please install the breathalyzer app on your OS.

  2. It’s a jurisdictional thing. The old Customs Service had jurisdiction over pornography starting in the days of filthy French postcards, and subsequent laws gave Customs jurisdiction over domestically produced porn. The Homeland Security Act of 2003 abolished the USCS and combined its investigative functions with the Immigration Service, called ICE Office of Investigation (later called HSI), and put thr new agency in DHS. There’s nothing nefarious about it; it’s just bureaucracy.
    There’s also the possibility that some of the victims are illegal aliens. Miami, NYC, and LA are major alien smuggling hubs, and illegal aliens make good victims, since they tend to be afraid to go to the police.

  3. diddy liked trump. they tried to sell the bs that diddy made a run for it on his plane too. he was present during the raid, no one was arrested. it was just about intimidation for liking trump and saying so. making an example.

    • The way I understand it, the warrants were search warrants. In the regular course of things, a search warrant doesn’t authorize an arrest; you have to look at what you’ve seized and then develop probable cause to get an arrest warrant. (TV is not a good place to learn investigation.) My guess (and this is only a guess, but it’s an educated one) is that he knew what was found in the search and didn’t want to wait till an arrest warrant issued. Flight, of course, doesn’t equal guilt, but it’s a strong indicator.
      Having said that, he’s still innocent until a court says otherwise.

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