This is my shocked face….

So the truths about the response to the Covid “Pandemic” are slowly coming to light.

This report is damning:

The lies, the bad data, the overreported deaths and cases. The failure of the CDC (on both a National and a State level), as well has County Boards of Health to make sure that what was being reported was accurate and true, in order that  the responses could be evaluated using correct data……

It appears that most of the panic was ….well, overdone. Because the rates of death were (in Indiana, at least) overreported by about 12%. (quite possibly by in excess of 30%) Lots of cases of “Died WITH Covid” rather than “Died OF Covid….

The Positivity Rates were as anyone that understood statistics and sampling knew, AY overdone. Like 3-5 times more than reality due to the methodology of reporting. IN other words, the number of people testing positive was reported to be 3 to 5  times (possibly as much as 10 times) higher than reality.

Lots of folks knew this, and yet it was the current fashion to overreport, so they did, And they shouted down those of us who questioned the numbers. They told us to “Listen to the Public Health “Experts” even though they weren’t experts and had very little background in Public Health, but were, rather government lifers who did their work in a drone-like fashion and again, followed the trends rather than actually doing useful work keeping the public safe.

Christ, if an engineer like myself could clearly see the failures in their statistics and their modeling, as well as their methods of gather data, then it has to be really really poor methodology. Yet no pone listened to us, because it wasn’t the way of the trendy states nor the current fashion. Like Glowbal Warming, it matters only in how bad you say it is and is becoming, rather than the reality of how bad it really is. .

Yes, it is easy to go back and look at how things were handled after the “Crisis”  is over and armchair quarterback their decisions. But the thing is, these folks should have known, if they were, indeed, the “experts” that they are held out to be, that their data was false and inflated. Either they knew, and decided to go with the flow, or they are incompetent in their position and should be replaced. They had weeks and weeks to learn how badly they bungled things and to change direction….but they didn’t.

Our public health folks gave bad data to our legislators….who had to know the data was bad, and decisions affecting millions of our state’s citizens.


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  1. many knew, but it played into their narrative of govt control/graft.

  2. Certainly a cautionary tale about letting the technocrats run things, especially in a way that gave politicians dictatorial and arbitrary powers in the name of science.

  3. Had a friend who was having signs of delusions. Wife took him to ER in 2021 and doc came in, she explained symptoms, some of which he was still doing. No temp and he immediately labeled it as covid. Within 30 minutes he was dead of a heart attack and the doc still labeled his death was covid.

    • I went to my doctor about two months after having the ‘Rona, with a persistent cough. “Long COVID” was the verdict. No tests, no nothing. Just “Long COVID.” The doc wanted to give me a steroid SHOT for the cough. “Doesn’t that compromise the immune system?” I asked. “Yes, but–” “NO THANKS, Doc!” Turns out, the cough was due to GERD allowing mucus from my stomach to bubble up into my throat… I figured this out by myself… In the records though, I’m another case of “Long COVID.” Liars… keep on lyin’…

  4. I don’t even know how many times I contacted our county public health office, the state, and our state senator to tell them the numbers they were using were crap. No joy and then they used the Covid excuse to stop answering or returning calls.

  5. Mommygov love me, mommygov keep me safe.
    Darr, derp, droool. (/s)
    Imagine if you a will a virus so dastardly like the Black Death 2.0 (gasp!) that the border is never closed and rioting is inoculation.
    Beam me up Scotty.

  6. With so many new crises arriving on a regular basis the evils from 4 years ago are easily swept under the rug. Most people have a short political memory.

  7. You mistakenly believe that these were “mistakes.” Everything was pre-planned and run according to the script. The violence of the state was the means by which everyone was forced to go along. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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