Innit interesting?

So we were told that the Hunter Biden Laptop was “Russian Disinformation” by the media and their pundits( Before the election).


Now we are being informed that there is a “discrepancy” in Joe Biden’s tax filings of “about $5.2 million” and the evidence appears to come from emails in that same laptop. It also appears that the money is the 10% Rake-Off for the “Big Guy” mentioned in Hunter’s emails….


Interesting, innit? That Laptop which they told us was not real is now being used by that same media as evidence of malfeasance…


I expect to see the DNC types tell us next that Joe Biden has to go because of revelations in the laptop…

Bet on it.

I’m surprised it lasted 6 years

Seems that the Whole Foods store in Englewoood (South Side of Chicago) is closing after 6 years.

Despite $11 million in city funding and $15 million in Federal funding to build the site, the store could not maintain itself fiscally. (Rumors have it that the theft rate was 10X any other store)…and people did not want to spend the money for the produce and meats that Whole Foods charges for their fare.

Now, despite the cries about “Food Deserts” there is an Aldi and other stores nearby.

Black residents, especially Liberals and do-gooders, are crying that the closing is racially motivated and all that folderol, but, really, is anyone surprised?

One commenter complained that “Profit should not not be a motivation when it come to food”…Really? And there is this: “We knew this wasn’t a store that was supposed to gain a lot of profit,” Butler said. “We are in a food apartheid here and this was a corporate responsibility decision that was done.” Food Apartheid? Do these people really think that businesses exist to make them happy and not to make a profit? That they close stores in black neighborhoods for no reason?

BTW, the chain is closing 5 other stores in the greater Chicago area, so it isn’t just the one in the black neighborhood, despite claims.

So now we know it wasn’t the first time, and he has done it again

That little kid who was “arrested” by the cops in Syracuse?


Yeah, it turns out that the cops had interacted with him before, and now they picked him up for stealing a bike from a kid about a block away from where he lives.


I’m thinking this parents failed him. And it is likely that he will have many more interactions with the po-po in the near future. It appears he hasn’t learned anything the previous times. Or his parents have not bothered to teach him right from wrong.

I’ll go 8:5 he is in trouble again in less than 2 months.


“If she was a Doctor Seuss character, she’d be the Fat In The Hat”


I had to just walk away at that point.

‘Tis interesting

CBS (national) had a segment on Nuclear Bomb stuff, and fallout and what we can do to prepare….(which for most city folks is “Nothing”…)

Lots of generalities, lots of fearmongering, but still. Apparently they believe that Putin might trigger the Big Strobe Light.

If you are somewhat rural, you have a chance if you are prepared.


I wonder what made the MSM decide to even mention it?

Trust the science!

Except when it comes from any government agency:

CDC and FDA ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings while under political pressure

And all this time we’ve been branded as “Conspiracy Theorists” because we said that Covid response was political and the “Science”  of Covid was as reliable (not) as the “Science” of Global Warming…..and as reliable as a Twitter feed for information.

So, essentially, they’ve been lying to us for 3 years for political gain. Whoda thought?

Well, shit

Seems New Jovian (T-Bolt) has checked out. Tam reports that his cancer has caught up with him. His last post was 4/15

He was a nice dude. We met at an NRA convention once and chatted for a few. The internet is a lesser place without his wit.

Go bravely forward, sir. We will see you soon enough.


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I’d have posted this earlier, but couldn’t get WordPress to take the file.

Flying at 200 knots at 15,000 feet through clouds. On the way back from Knoxville just before we hit the edges of the stormfront.



I was hand flying with my right hand while videoing with my left on a cell phone, so the video is a bit shakey. Flying through clouds almost always is a bit bumpy as well.




Not suggesting anything….

(and I never (ok seldom generally Oh, who am I kidding? ) advocate violence….)

But there is one way to prevent pedophilia that has a zero chance of recidivism.


Disclaimer: Am not advocating anything illegal. Don’t go to jail.