Innit interesting?

So we were told that the Hunter Biden Laptop was “Russian Disinformation” by the media and their pundits( Before the election).


Now we are being informed that there is a “discrepancy” in Joe Biden’s tax filings of “about $5.2 million” and the evidence appears to come from emails in that same laptop. It also appears that the money is the 10% Rake-Off for the “Big Guy” mentioned in Hunter’s emails….


Interesting, innit? That Laptop which they told us was not real is now being used by that same media as evidence of malfeasance…


I expect to see the DNC types tell us next that Joe Biden has to go because of revelations in the laptop…

Bet on it.

2 thoughts on “Innit interesting?

  1. nah, this is just posturing. they want joe to push the button but he doesn’t want to be a wartime prez. this is both leverage to that aim and to let the story come out and fade away before the midterms.

  2. The only thing keeping Biden in the Oval Office is that Harris is even worse.

    Think of it; someone walking into the OO calling for Harris, only to hear a muffled “In a minute,” sounding like her mouth is stuffed with salami…

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