I’m surprised it lasted 6 years

Seems that the Whole Foods store in Englewoood (South Side of Chicago) is closing after 6 years.

Despite $11 million in city funding and $15 million in Federal funding to build the site, the store could not maintain itself fiscally. (Rumors have it that the theft rate was 10X any other store)…and people did not want to spend the money for the produce and meats that Whole Foods charges for their fare.

Now, despite the cries about “Food Deserts” there is an Aldi and other stores nearby.

Black residents, especially Liberals and do-gooders, are crying that the closing is racially motivated and all that folderol, but, really, is anyone surprised?

One commenter complained that “Profit should not not be a motivation when it come to food”…Really? And there is this: “We knew this wasn’t a store that was supposed to gain a lot of profit,” Butler said. “We are in a food apartheid here and this was a corporate responsibility decision that was done.” Food Apartheid? Do these people really think that businesses exist to make them happy and not to make a profit? That they close stores in black neighborhoods for no reason?

BTW, the chain is closing 5 other stores in the greater Chicago area, so it isn’t just the one in the black neighborhood, despite claims.

2 thoughts on “I’m surprised it lasted 6 years

  1. ‚ÄúProfit should not not be a motivation when it come to food.”

    OK, “commenter,” YOU open up a food store and run it at a loss in a crime ridden neighborhood… I’m waiting…

    Call me a “racist,” but I see what I see. When black folk move into a neighborhood it invariably goes to hell. Crime goes up, businesses leave. Then they complain about things like “food apartheid.” No, folks, it’s not “food apartheid,” it’s BEHAVIOR apartheid!”

  2. Maybe food should be issued on a charity basis, but, if so, what are you, inner-city dindu, doing? What vegetables are you growing in your yard? Do you at least have a potato patch? Do you have chickens? A goat for milking? Ever heard of aqua-ponics?

    The “sit-back-and-send-me-food-stamps” lifestyle is a priveleged one. What are you gonna do when there is no place to spend your food stamps?

    It’s called “life”, get one, maybe. Make a life for you and your family. We are told that we, each one, makes our own reality, but if you sit back and wait for reality to be handed to you, you may not like what you get. But, ultimately, it’s up to you alone to decide, take a handout, or become the master of your own destiny.

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