Or, we could, you know

Build the fucking fence that has been promised so many times!

Instead, Barry wants $2BILLION dollars to “stem border crossings and speed deportation”.

How about this instead:

We use about 200Million dollars and build a fence.

Let the Border Patrol do it’s job without fear of prosecution

And deport every illegal we can find simply by sending them back over the border they crossed: Take ’em to the nearest border station and, if need be, push ’em over the border….But make ’em cross and let Mexico deal with ’em.

I bet that it immediately decreases the incentive to cross over the border in a northerly direction, and makes the Mexican Government have a screaming hissy fit because they have then got to deal with all those people.

Your illegal immigrant issues would be solved in 6 weeks, tops.

And you wouldn’t have to spend $2 Billion dollars. Just a fraction. And you’d have a fence to discourage future crossers too.

I find it interesting

That in the Hobby Lobby/Obamacare contraception issue, the fact that the company does not wish to provide contraception coverage due to religious objections is now:

“Discrimination against women “.

I find it interesting that women getting contraception coverage is such a terrible burden….Sandra Fluke apparently felt the same way. Yet we are supposed to believe that women are, at the same time, strong and able to take care of themselves without a man’s protection….but yet: Not being covered by the insurance for $9/month birth control pills is such a terrible burden for women? And this is Discrimination? Which is it? Are you Fragile Flowers requiring the care and protection of the patriarchy, or independent women who don’t need men to survive?

IS the world such a good place that this issue is now the only one that liberals and women have left to fight about?

So….I’m still waiting:

A whole lot of air has passed the lips of a large number of senators….and there has been a whole bunch of outrage tossed out by a bunch of “conservative” senators and congressmen at the crap that went down at the IRS.

There has been shouting, and glaring, and veiled threats, and insults, and a bunch of people have been yelled at….

But nothing has been done. No one has been charged, no real investigation has taken placed. Sure the heads of the departments have been grilled and taken to task, but ultimately, here is the result of that.



No one has lost a job.

No one has lost their pension (and this is worse than jail for a government drone).

No one has been charged with a crime.

No one is in jail.

So all that those senators and other government officials have done is waste a bunch of time…and a bunch of YOUR money holding hearings that are, essentially, worthless.


When will people go to jail?
Lose their jobs?
Lose their government pensions?

Until then, you’ve wasted our time.

If a cop had done this

To my dog, I really think that we’d both end up dead. Him first, then me, by his fellows….because cop. Might happen face to face, might happen from about 600 yards away. But it’d happen…..

Think Henry Bowman….


I gotta feel sorry for the cops who had to deal with this mess their fellow officer left them. Must have been embarrassing.

And the question comes up, as pointed out in the video, “why not back off?”.

Because cop, that’s why.
He had a mission, and that is all. Look for a missing boy, so invade anywhere he wants, destroy any threat.

It is a shame that the other (good) officers allow cops like this to be on their force. There are good cops. But they don’t chase the bad ones away.

The public, it would seem, is outraged. As they should be. 

This officer is still on the force, still on duty, and is “awaiting the results of the investigation”.

Now, if you or I were to go into a private residence, open a gate and shoot a dog, FOR ANY REASON, would we not face punishment? Why should this officer not? He, not the taxpayers should be paying restitution and big fines. Not the city he works for, but HE personally. Instead he is protected. Because cop. See also: Blue Line

No more of the “Qualified Immunity” that is blanket for a cop.

Even police dogs are more equal than others…. “We couldn’t let them fight”

Impressive response from the NRA:


I got an automated response in my email, telling me someone would get back to me shortly regarding my plea for relief from the increasingly strident requests for more money. So far they have called me 4 times at home this week and 6 times on my cell phone (or at least they were people representing that they were with either the NRA or the NRA-ILA. (The NRA must keep detailed records: my original application to the NRA only had my home number. The only time that have given them my cell phone was when I was trying to get them to resolve an issue with my instructors credentials).

Anyway as of right now, the NRA hasn’t responded. However, I have, at least as of Friday morning, not gotten any phone calls on either phone number. Might be a coincidence, or maybe they got the message.

However, it would be nice to hear from, you know, an actual human, either via telephone or at least an email.

An apology would be even better.

But silence, at least when they are leaving me alone, is acceptable.


The Chinese had them from about 605 until 1905.

The term comes from the latin: Mandare: To rule. They did so in China, controlling access to the throne and enforcing and interepereting the laws and edicts of the Emperor. They were rife with corruption and essentially answered to no one.

We have them today. They control the bureaucracy of our government just as they controlled the government of Imperial China then. They are, essentially powerful men and women woth no worries about liability for their actions.

Don’t believe me?

Read THIS.

HT Peter

Small potatoes

But, really, we need more of this.

Entire park district board placed under Citizen’s arrest…..and the Sheriff upholds the arrest!

Seems that the park board forgot that they were public servants and that they had to follow the laws….And that they were not rulers of the citizens, but rather servants of the community.

I think we need more of this. Up to and including our congressmen and women, and especially our Senators.

The IRS too. Especially them.