Impressive response from the NRA:


I got an automated response in my email, telling me someone would get back to me shortly regarding my plea for relief from the increasingly strident requests for more money. So far they have called me 4 times at home this week and 6 times on my cell phone (or at least they were people representing that they were with either the NRA or the NRA-ILA. (The NRA must keep detailed records: my original application to the NRA only had my home number. The only time that have given them my cell phone was when I was trying to get them to resolve an issue with my instructors credentials).

Anyway as of right now, the NRA hasn’t responded. However, I have, at least as of Friday morning, not gotten any phone calls on either phone number. Might be a coincidence, or maybe they got the message.

However, it would be nice to hear from, you know, an actual human, either via telephone or at least an email.

An apology would be even better.

But silence, at least when they are leaving me alone, is acceptable.