If a cop had done this

To my dog, I really think that we’d both end up dead. Him first, then me, by his fellows….because cop. Might happen face to face, might happen from about 600 yards away. But it’d happen…..

Think Henry Bowman….


I gotta feel sorry for the cops who had to deal with this mess their fellow officer left them. Must have been embarrassing.

And the question comes up, as pointed out in the video, “why not back off?”.

Because cop, that’s why.
He had a mission, and that is all. Look for a missing boy, so invade anywhere he wants, destroy any threat.

It is a shame that the other (good) officers allow cops like this to be on their force. There are good cops. But they don’t chase the bad ones away.

The public, it would seem, is outraged. As they should be. 

This officer is still on the force, still on duty, and is “awaiting the results of the investigation”.

Now, if you or I were to go into a private residence, open a gate and shoot a dog, FOR ANY REASON, would we not face punishment? Why should this officer not? He, not the taxpayers should be paying restitution and big fines. Not the city he works for, but HE personally. Instead he is protected. Because cop. See also: Blue Line

No more of the “Qualified Immunity” that is blanket for a cop.

Even police dogs are more equal than others…. “We couldn’t let them fight”

One thought on “If a cop had done this

  1. Coming TV show: Dogs Gone Wild!

    It is about the recent rash of dog attacks on cops. The same dogs postal workers come in contact with every day, 6 days a week. These dogs are selective. Gray pants with the stripe – no bite. Badge – bite until dead, or die trying.

    Cops aren't up for asking for advice from those lesser public servants how they avoid being torn apart by Fido. Who can blame them?

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