So….I’m still waiting:

A whole lot of air has passed the lips of a large number of senators….and there has been a whole bunch of outrage tossed out by a bunch of “conservative” senators and congressmen at the crap that went down at the IRS.

There has been shouting, and glaring, and veiled threats, and insults, and a bunch of people have been yelled at….

But nothing has been done. No one has been charged, no real investigation has taken placed. Sure the heads of the departments have been grilled and taken to task, but ultimately, here is the result of that.



No one has lost a job.

No one has lost their pension (and this is worse than jail for a government drone).

No one has been charged with a crime.

No one is in jail.

So all that those senators and other government officials have done is waste a bunch of time…and a bunch of YOUR money holding hearings that are, essentially, worthless.


When will people go to jail?
Lose their jobs?
Lose their government pensions?

Until then, you’ve wasted our time.

3 thoughts on “So….I’m still waiting:

  1. All they seem good for is lip action. All you hear are threats. I would love to see some people held accountable for their actions. Some being sent to jail for contempt when they refuse to show. Most of all, I would love to see Obama's impeachment hearings start. Unfortunately, I don't believe the leadership of today has the stones to do more than threaten and shake their fists.

  2. All Talk and No Action,,,I am not impressed.

    I'm starting to think it's all staged. You've got a smirking candy-ass liberal from the IRS talking in circles and several steely eyed blowhards acting like men of action. I call B/S on the whole thing.


  3. Chicago rules: If you own the cop, you won't get busted. If you own the judge, you won't get convicted.

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