Small potatoes

But, really, we need more of this.

Entire park district board placed under Citizen’s arrest…..and the Sheriff upholds the arrest!

Seems that the park board forgot that they were public servants and that they had to follow the laws….And that they were not rulers of the citizens, but rather servants of the community.

I think we need more of this. Up to and including our congressmen and women, and especially our Senators.

The IRS too. Especially them.

3 thoughts on “Small potatoes

  1. This means exactly nothing. The law, without force, is impotent.

    This arrest accomplishes nothing. The board members, under "arrest" simply walked away. The Sheriff, with a DUTY to uphold the law, allowed the arrestees to leave the area.

    They article says there will be no criminal charges.

    So exactly what does this mean?


    Try to perform a citizen's arrest of an IRS agent, and they will laugh. Try to use force to affect the arrest, and the thugs with badges will gun you down.

  2. THey have an arrest on their record now, even if it for a misdemeanor.

    and yes, they'll "gun me down" but I'll have an honor guard.

  3. I'm betting that arrest will disappear from their records too…

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